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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Designer Circle featuring Wellmade,Indigo Poses, IT, Tiffany, Awear and Wertina

A stunning casual chic look from Wellmade, all available at this round of designer Circle, texture change hud making it easy to have a new look day after day!

.::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 DARKTAN CL @ Designer Circle
.:Glamorize:. Lumina Lips - Crimson
[WellMade] Glad Summer Dress @ Designer Circle
Tableau Vivant \\ Ivy hair - Blonds

D R E S S : ~TD~ Royal Gown with Appliers @ Designer Circle

D R E S S : ~TD~ Royal Gown with Appliers @ Designer Circle
N E C K L A C E : !IT! - Heartfull Necklace 3 @ Designer Circle
P O S E : Indigo - Lilah 1 @ Designer Circle

The Mesh Tiffany Designs gowns are absolutely delightful. It has a very regal feel to it and is textured with regal colors. Be the envy of all in the ballroom and make sure you have a full dance card!

D R E S S : ~TD~ Royal Gown with Appliers 
S K I N : .::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 DARKTAN CL
 P O S E : Indigo - Lilah 2

D R E S S : ~TD~ Royal Gown with Appliers @ Designer Circle
S K I N : .::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 DARKTAN CL
H A I R : [e] Sabine - Blondes

Shoes, shoes, shoes, can a girl EVER have too many shoes? These are funky and fun, i`m loving the textures on these! The Awear Libby heels are waiting for you at Designer Circle....go on you know you want them! Visit the store today!

S H O E S - Awear libby heels  with hud @ Designer Circle 

 Match the shoes with the Awear Melia dress. Comes with appliers for all you mesh addicts and is just so stylish! Comes with a texture change hud so you have a variety of colors to choose from!

 D R E S S : Awear Melia dresses @ Designer Circle
 H A I R - [e] Cassidy - Blondes
My final look is from Wertina, this adorable shorts jump suit in a choice of different colors is simple yet stylish and ultra cute. An ideal look for this season!

  J U M P S U I T ; Wertina - Penelope Jumpsuit@ Designer Circle
 H A I R -[e] Cassidy - Blondes

Monday, 25 April 2016

Eyelure Breezy tie tops!

Eyelure have the Breezy tie tops in their mainstore. This is a new release and these are super cute. Suitable for mesh bodies and default avatars. Are these adorable or what?

 C R E D I T S 

T O P S  Eyelure Breezy Tie Top    Daisy AND Yummy snacks
H A I R  [e] Arabella - Blondes

Prism Ashlie skirt set by Jezixxa.

 Casual Chic is definitely the style of these two lovely skirt sets. Two different color texture options to choose from and extremely stylish. Get yours at Prism mainstore today!

S H O E S - SD Mary Jane Tan @ Designer Circle

S K I R T S E T- Prism Ashlie Skirt Set by Jezzixa in Gray Rust AND Beige/Blue

H A I R - [e] Perrie - Blondes

Morea Style Spencer outfit with Designer Circle, Stormcrow Designs and WOW skins!

Another Casual chic set from the talented designer Morea Decosta, featuring a pants and top set that comes with necklace and earings and has appliers. This set has other color options that can be seen at the mainstore.

 C L O T H I N G :MOREA STYLE - SPENCER (other colors available)
S K I N : .::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 @ Designer Circle 
S H O E S : SD Mary Jane Purple @ Designer Circle
H A I R : [e] Odette - Blondes

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Dark of the moon Skin, nails and Lipsticks @ Pick your poison event!

Hard to believe another week has flown by, and soon the summer holidays will be here...woot! woot!....bring it on! Why not start summer off with a brand new skin...this is an ideal Summer season skin, in mocha. Perfect for the bikini body or even in a delightful evening gown. Whatever you wear over this, you will look simply amazing!

Add to the skin these wonderful nails for hands and feet, that come with a texture change hud. Another fantastic selection of nails from Dark of the moon!

And finally why not add some new red lips, again from Dark of the moon. Totally kissable, you`ll be tempting to every male in SL. 

All the above are available at Pick your poison event in second life. TP HERE and get yours today!

Designer Circle Features WoW skins Irina,*CNZ* Icewerk, Sofie`s Selection, Chic Princess and !!Smesh.

Well ladies, for me these skins just speak for themselves. Flawless well textured skins at a price that will not break the bank 199l$ to be exact. The skins are from WoW, and named Irina, and if you are not familiar with Wow, well I suggest now is the time to do so. These are among some of the best skin designers on the SL grid, and I say that with confidence. Why not visit Designer Circle and pick up yours today. As you can see there are 6 different shades, that  will cover all the seasons.

.::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 all from Milk to Caffe @ Designer Circle

A lovely heel awaits you at Designer Circle from Icewerk. These have different color and metal textures and even the heel colors can be changed. Lovely shoes at affordable prices.

 [ICEWERK] Taylor Heels @ Designer Circle

Sofie`s Selection adorbale Skirt outfit is so damn cute. It has color change huds for both the top and skirt, so can be worn a number of ways. I love it!
<S> Mesh Salopette Skirt Outfit With Hud @ Designer Circle
[ICEWERK] Taylor Heels @ Designer Circle
.::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 DARKTAN CL @ Designer Circle
Exile::The Evening Lights Blondes @ Collabor88

I decided to use some silly fun poses with this dress....its such an easy to wear dress, that I added flats from CNZ ....such a great beach dress, so I took my location pics on a nice sandy sim!

!!smesh ~ Iced Coffee and Buttercup Mini Dress with Slit @ Designer Circle
*CNZ* Flat Shine Ballet  @ Designer Circle
!IT! - Heartfull Necklace 3 @ Designer Circle
.::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 Dark Tan @ Designer Circle
Tableau Vivant \\ Ivy hair - Blonds 

Look at this one this will definetly get you noticed in the ballroom. Plenty of skin showing on this virtually backless maxi dress. There are three versions available at Designer take a peek now!

Chic Princess  DIANE v2 Sexy Backless Maxi Dress @ Designer Circle

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dark of the Moon Jade outfit in white!

Another lovely addition to your new summer wardrobe is waiting for you @ Dark Of the moon online Marketplace store. Its a cute crop top and mini in white. Ideal for the summer months.

D&M Fashion Shop - Jade Outfit White with Skirt Marketplace link
.:Glamorize:. Lumina Lips - Crimson
*ARGRACE* Baseball Cap "Long wavy" ~ (Platinum)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Morea Style Aria dress!

How beautiful is the Aria gown from Morea Style...this is a promotional gown in fact its the " DEAL OF THE WEEK" and will only be available until April 27th. A stunning gown that comes complete with earings and necklace. The luxurious layered flexi skirt cascades to the ground and has a beautiful texturing. There is a silver embellishment just under the breast area and open back. It really is stunning! Be sure to visit the store before the deal ends, otherwise you will lose out.

C R E D I T S :

H A I R : Son!a Molli updo Platinum

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Dark of the Moon Red lipsticks at Main store and Mesh Eyes @ Pick your poison Event!

This gorgeous Lipstick tatto layers are available at Dark Of the Moon Mainstore. We can always use a Red lipstick, so why not add this to your collection!.

The mesh eyes are available at this round of  x Pick your posion x  The first round of Pick✖Your✖Poison will run April 20th to May 20th and the theme is Pushing Daisies - Spring For Your Dark Side.

Event Info...

Pick✖Your✖Poison is a collaborative event effort brought to you by Catastrophe Designs, Dahllywood and ZOHO. Our events will allow you to "Pick Your Poison" with various packages for event set up and each round will be seasonally themed.

Designer Circle round 128, featuring, Culco,IOS poses, *LX* and MoOh.

Another selection of fabulous designers at the Designer Circle event.Starting with Culco and this one shoulder lace dress. I think this is super sexy, but very sophisticated and Classy. I added a chinese style hair to give it some edge.

 S H O E S - F I N E S M I T H LOVE stilettos- rigged
D R E S S -Culco- One-Shoulder Lace Wrap Dress - Black @ Designer Circle
H A I R -Vanity Hair::Shizuka blacks

The lovely sweaters from *LX* come in a selection of colors. These are a great look for the spring season, whilst the weather is making its mind up! You can look hot and sexy in these. Now to the fab poses from IOS, it seems IOS just keeps on getting better and better, I am loving this coffee cup and poses, and are so indicative of todays daily lives, we are all rushing around and grabbing a quick cuppa on the run!

 T O P S - *LX* Lounge Sweater Spring ED various colors available @ Designer Circle
P O S E S -IOS 5 Poses with Coffee cup @ Designer Circle

TY MoOh, for this stunning dress....I adore this look...the texturing on them is outstanding and come in all mesh sizes. I can see me wearing these regularly. Ultra stylish, stunningly sexy and just perfect. As you can see there are a selection of colors, other colors not shown but visit the store for more.

H A I R -Truth Vixen blondes
D R E S S -MOoH! Hailey dress @ Designer Circle

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Dark of the Moon body shop , Monroe skin, FREE Group gift!

So we all know that we want to look good in SL...right? We all want a perfect skin with a flawless finish, more perfect than we all look in RL. Well today I have the Monroe skin, from Dark of the Moon, and the best thing ever is its FREE! Go to the store, join the group and take advantage of the free gifts. Make sure you tell all your friends, your getting a top of the range skin, that could cost hundreds of lindens for ZERO! I hear you saying, yes but how much is it to join the group....well guess what...thats FREE too!  These skins also come with appliers, all FREE! So what you wating for, TP HERE now!

C R E D I T S ..

D&M Body Shop - Skin Monroe Gift
!VA! Nina blacks Hair

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Dark of the Moon body shop Lace sweater!

A wonderful creation from Dark of the Moon, in the form of these mesh lace sweaters. A choice of colors, easily changed via a hud. More colors are available as well as the above. This is a stunning set that just speaks for itself. Comes with all appliers and is just such an easy look to wear. I kept it simple the long hair and wedge shoes. 

C R  E D I T S :

H A I R-[e] Brooklyn - Blondes
S H O E S- AURORA - Slink High Feet Studded Bow Wedges - Watermelon
S W E A T E R -D&M Sweater with Lace Frills _ BOX

[[Masoom]], Uban Chic @ 100 block Fashion Fair!

[[Masoom]] have this leather pants suit and Leather Jacket at the 100 block Fashion Fair event, the event theme is 
"Urban Chic" hence the name of the outfit. The leather jacket has options with or without belt. This is an exclusive item so only available at the event.

C R E D I T S ...

 P A N T S :[[ Masoom ]] urban chic Suit Black  Leather
S H O E S -AURORA - Slink High Feet Studded Bow Wedges R - Watermelon
H A I R :[e] Karee - Blondes
E A R I N G S :Finesmith Ethnica earring

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Eyelure Bustier!

The new Eyelure Bustier dresses are a must have for any fashionista. I am modeling the Red, but other colors are available. Visit Eyelure mainstore for more color choices.

H A I R : [e] Karee - Blondes
L I P S T I C K :.:Glamorize:. Lumina Lips - Red Hot
 D R E S S : Eyelure Bustier Dress red
 S H O E S :AURORA - Slink High Feet Studded Bow Wedges - Watermelon
J E W E L E R Y : Finesmith Ethnica Set

Graffitiwear @ Designer Circle.

Only a few days left to go grab these fantastic casual outfits from Graffitiwear at Designer Circle. The detail on the pants is outstanding and is such a nice classy cut. Available in different colors and comes with a texture change hud for the tops and shoes. 

C R E D I T S :

Graffitiwear Tan, blue, black and brown Santa Fe Outfit @ Designer Circle
FINESMITH Love is always a good thing (unpacked)
[enVOGUE] - HAIR Selina - Light Blondes