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Friday, 29 August 2014


Today my blog post consists of Eyelure clothing and also Agata Skin,Fair, from Diamond style! The skins have various make ups and there is even a special edition. These stunning skins are flawless, if it`s a new skin you want for the upcoming season then this will definately fit what you are looking for. The skin texture is flawless and looks stunning in any windlight!

This cute little skirt and top set from Eyelure is both comfortably casual and stylishly sexy. A hint of mid riff showing to add some teas to the look. I added white wedged shoes (RO - Phalanx Wedges ) from the last round of Collabor88, not sure if they are still available.

Make-up 01

Make-up 02

Make-up 03

Make-up 04

                                             Make-up 05

N0 make-up, so you can add your own!

Every skin comes with a very easy to use applier so is compatible with all slink and Lolas Tangos. More skin tones to be blogged soon so watch this space!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Trend fashion fair and RAMA- Tie string dresses!

 RAMA at the Trend Fashion Fair have a selection of dresses, I have blogged for you today the tie string dress, that comes in many many colors. So you are sure to find one you like. I have added Hair from the Elikitaria Sale, at just 99ls, now thats a bargain if ever there was one, comes with hud to change colors, so many ways to wear this. Make -up is Avoki Coral and the Earrings are also available at the fashion fair and are by LB jewels Lattice earrings in Gold but other colors avaialble!

Monday, 25 August 2014


I really like the Tara in Lilly FROM Prism Designs that I decided to blog the  Tara Sunflower one also. This is a very summery color that I added Orange shoes from Glow Designs called Lux Heels, they do also come in a selection of other colors some of which you can see in my last blog post!  I used a Coral lipstick and hair from Elikitaria that is in the sale at just 99ls, so hurry on over there because the sale ends very soon! My jewelery is named Pandora and is the gold set available at the Trend Fashion fair, these delightful sets are from LB Jewels. Grab those bargains whilst you can girls!


These beautiful shoes can be yours if you visit the Mainstore at GLOW DESIGNS There are more color choices available at the store, these are just a little teaser for you. Please be aware that you will need Slink High feet for these beauties! Can a girl ever have too many shoes?????

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Another delightful creation is at the Trend Fashion Fair, again from BDAZZLED, and you will be a dazzler in this`s a Mesh Leather Skirt ({B-DaZZled} - Leather Me Up Skirt v2 ) and also a Top from BDAZZLED ({B-DaZZled} - Just A Lady), both of these creations come with a texture change hud, so colors to suit all, its a very economical set for all those bargain hunters as you can mix n match colors, even the belt changes color, I have given a couple of examples, but the way you wear these, there are endless possibilities!  

Also at the Trend Fashion Fair you can find LB Jewels Pandora sets, These stunning sets consist of earings and a necklace and come in different colors, the one below is Gold and there is also Blue and Green, they really finish off the look. I am wearing shoes from ::FLG August  Heels Black -Slink High also available at Trend Fashion Fair and again come in a choice of colors! Hair is a Free gift from Truth, I just love a good freebie, its amazing the wonderful gifts that designers are willing to give for free these days, Fashion does`nt have to cost the earth, if you shop around you can find endless freebies, maybe thats going to be my next challenge to wear all freebies! Watch this space!

                    LB JEWELS PANDORA SET IN GOLD




Prism designs have created this stunning shorts set, it really is a tantalising Pink color, I love pink so this one is just the thing for me, it has a hint of sexy with the mid rift showing and a strap over one shoulder making it an ideal set for this Season.  

With mine I have added bangles and jewelery from Je Suis,(::je suis::asymetrique::pinks:) and a cutesy little pink watch from the Dressing room! My hair is swept up into a bun to keep me cool in the summer months, and is from Elikitira, the sale is still on but only till Monday so get your cute butts over there. My make up is subtle and pink to match the outfit. It works for me! Go take a look at the Prism store , I can assure you, you will love what is on offer there...take the taxi now!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Enchanted Ink Mesh nails for slink hands at Trend Fashion Fair 2!

 I am just a total and utter Slink convert, when it comes to hands and feet, I think they are amazing and do not know why I waited so long to try them. At the Trend Fashion Fair Enchanted Ink have these delightful Fruity Nails, to go with slink hands. There are 4 designs in total so you will be able to match them to just about anything! Adorable are`nt they??  Go grab yours now at the fair, before the next round commences! Happy shopping everyone!

Friday, 22 August 2014

B-Dazzled at Trend Fashion Fair 2

Are you a bargain hunter like me? Don`t you just love it when you see an item and it comes with a texture change hud, making it more than one item! Well here is just one that you all need inside your wardrobe and you can get it at The Trend Fashion fair right now....its a stunning maxi skirt and top with a belt, comes with a texture change for the belt too...its an absolute diamond if you ask me...I totally love it!

I have added hair from Truth, HAIR Sadie - LightBlondes04 with scarf that also has a texture changer opting for an updo after all it is Summer....and shoes from VG, also at the Trend Fashion Fair!

Monday, 18 August 2014


                                                           LE PETIT ATELIER
                                         PROM DRESS WITH TEXTURE CHANGE HUD!

My next presentation for the Trend Fashion Fair are these stunning Prom Dresses from Le Petit Altelier. Who would`nt want one of these in her inventory, especially when it comes with a texture change hud, in 5 fabulously different textures, they really are just what a busy girl needs, go out on a date and wear this, then log in next day and go on another date and just change the texture VOILA! A whole new look!

With these I added elegant hair from Son!a Viva hair Updo Dirty Blonde, my jewelery was carefully selected from Lazuri Heritage Pearl set. I added a cute little clutch from ...Mutresse... Muci Clutch that again has a texture change hud, so you can opt for a different color with each texture of the dress! My shoes are VG Coco and are available at The Trend Fashion Fair! Fabulous, don`t you agree??

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Moreno the designer at M&M has created this stunning cocktail outfit in red, it is a chic and sexy look for all you lovely ladies out there! A beautifully gathered A- line skirt with a belt that synches you in at the waist, very flattering for any figure! I have added VG  Coco red with silver buttons, also available in other colors, the shoes are available at Trend Fashion Fair. Bangles and earrings from is from Truth  Coco blondeand I have kept the make-up simple yet elegant! Its a must have ladies!



My next post for the Trend Fashion Fair is from two designers, first is J.Allen, who has created this beautiful Maxi skirt and top, it is available in a choice of colors so something for all tastes. The shoes are also from J.Allen and require high slink feet. 

 Next is the jewelery from LB Jewels, also avalable at The Trend Fashion Fair, it is a stunning necklace in gold with a silver cross, it come in silver with a gold cross also, the ring is also one of their creations and really compliments this outfit. Hair s from Elikitaria , yes i bought almost every hair in the sale over there, it really is a great sale and all hair is 99ls, I believe until 22nd August, but you might want to double check that!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

[[MASOOM]] @ The Great Summer Bash!

This delightful set can be yours at the Great Summer Bash event which is taking place from 10th to 25th August 2014. You will need to TP to the [[Masoom]] store first and then go to the events board as shown in the pic below and TP from there!

This is a cute little set,that comes in different textures, so something for us all. It is also compatible with Lolas tangos,Lola`s Mirage, wowmeh, phat azz and Lush breasts. Dress up and surprise your guy when he comes online, it`s an irresistible set and you`ll be just as irresistible to him! Tantalizing teasingly sexylicious! Take a look below at the others available and go grab yours before the 25th August!


Yes it`s round 2 of the Trend Fashion Fair and I can honestly say there are some truly talented designers taking part again this month! One of them being Moreno Forwzy of  M&M...she has some stunning designs and here is just a taster of one of them..The Elba is a short Mesh Tunic dress in blue, with mine i added Jewelry from Indyra, the  Indy&Co: Suha Stones: Blue Curacao Necklace and Earrings....Wedge shoes from LIVGLAM that come with a texture change hud, so a multitude of shoes in just one set. My hair is from [elikatira] [e] Youth and is a sale item, all hair is 99ls so worth a look! Hope you like it as much as I do....have a fab day!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

[[MASOOM]]...Rescue the "cute mermaid" Gatchas now!!!!!!!!!!

Psssst!!! We need your help, yes it`s the  Cute Mermaids that are talking to you, no you have`nt gone mad...we think the owner of this blog has gone crazy, she`s put us on a shelf with some of her shoes... please! please! rescue us!!!!! go play the Gatchas and win us  NOW! We really need a new home, and only you can HELP! So head on over to [[MASOOM]] and win one of us right away, before this crazy lady puts us in a shoe box FOREVER! You can carry us around as we work with any AO, we need to be hugged, cuddled and loved, not left on a shelf or put inside a box!

 GULPS! We just had a thought , what if she puts us on her feet...we are doomed if you don`t play the gatchas right NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

                                HELP, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!


Today I present to you Eyelure and the wonderful dresses on offer are the Layer dresses that as you can see come in a choice of colors and patterns. I have added hair from [elikatira] Jennie in blond. Shoes are Livglam (LG-KCSP14 Vogue Shoes for SLink High Feet and have a texture change hud, you will need slink high feet for these! Earrings a from Indyra! Hope you enjoy these gorgeous creations from the wonderful designer Willow Markova!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Sitting relaxing on a hot summers day, watching the world go by! Hair in cutey patootie pigtails and wearing a gorgeous dress from M&M...Its a stunning orange dress with spaghetti shoulder straps, a plunging neckline and is just what I need for this season! Take the link and go grab yours now!
 The dress comes complete with earrings and is a mesh design, so will need a mesh compatible viewer for this one.
 I added shoes from Finesmith LOVE stilettos- rigged hud pack for slink, and hair from the amazing [elikatira]- Perrie, there is a sale on for the hair, every hair is 99ls, until August 22nd, so if you want some bargains and good mesh hair, take the link!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

[[MASOOM]] @ Erotigacha 2!

Today from [[Masoom]] I present to you the sultry, sexy, provocative top, that will blow that special someone in your lifes mind! It is teasingly sexy, with just a hint of nipple, it ascentuates your every curve and will have him eating out of the palm of your hand. This is one of the Gatch items at the Erotigacha event, please be aware that the items at this event may display some nudity!

You will need to TP to [[Masoom]] main store and to the sales and event board, where you will be able to tp to the event itself. It runs till August 22nd, good luck and hope you get the color you want!


[[Masoom]]- Barely Legal 
Plume hair, ( store now closed)
Son!a Artisan Jewelry set black
Bax Prestige boots

                                 COLORS AVAILABLE!

Sunday, 10 August 2014


My final blog of the day  is another set of designers from Trend Fashion Fair you only have a few days left before the next round commences, so if you like anything you have seen this last two weeks, from all the bloggers, then I suggest you head on over there and grab what you can NOW!

We have first of all the NS tank and Cardi set, I adore this set, its Mesh so please be aware, I opted for the pinks because its my fave color, but there are other options available,it is coupled with Jeans from Livglam, Hair is Tableau Vivant and shoes from Emporium! Its a lovely combination even if i say so myself. Please enjoy!


SKIN-Glam Affair - Kallisto - Exotic 07 A
[LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Baby Baby Every Night Hud Jeans XS
EMPORIUM - Debbie Shoes
NS::  Tanktop& Cardigan 
~Tableau Vivant~ Panther Hair - Impl - Summer


This is the August round of the Unique room from MOoh!
 Takes place-August 8 - August 22

This is a delightful strappy Summer dress, that comes with a texture change hud, so you not only have one dress but multiple dresses OR you can purchase them as individuals! I added hair from Truth TRUTH HAIR Carrie [Roots] - Blondes02 and  [Modern.Couture] Jewelry in Gold  @the Trend Fashion Fair.

Available at Trend fashion Fair (above jewelry only)

Dresses available at The Unique Room 

M&M Helen Maxi Dress!

There is nothing nicer than tip toeing through the grass and flowers, be it RL or SL in a maxi dress. They are such a cooling dress to wear. The sun beating down on your back and the sounds of the summer in the air. The Helen Maxi from M&M is just what you need, its a beautiful combination of colors ideal for summer, comes complete with a necklace and earrings, so no need to raid your jewelry boxes with this one. I added a Summer hat to finish off the look and strolled through a beautiful flower garden. It certainly is  a stunning style for any wardrobe! Please be aware that this is a mesh creation!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Like Design @Trend Fashion Fair

I am pleased to present to you my latest Blog from Trend Fashion Fair, it is of course the talented designers at Like Designs, a very different Mesh item that comes in a choice of colors, Consisting of top and pants with suspenders, giving it a rather Punkish look. 

The shoes are also from Like Designs and have a very nice bow detail on the back! Please be aware Slink feet will be needed for the shoes and that the clothing is Mesh. Go grab yours now at the Trend Fashion Fair before our next round begins, you will be pleasantly surprised at what is on offer there!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Trend Fashion Fair and J.Allen!

Have you visited The Trend Fashion Fair yet? No? Oh you must head on over there, I can assure you there are some delightful creations, on display and you can grab them until the 12th August, so best be quick. 

In this blog I am wearing a nice pair of Phoebe Baggy Pants Wine S  and Lise Crop Top White S, from Jallen Store, that shows off the shoulders and mid rift. Cute is`nt it? I added sandals from Pure Poison - Hellen Sandals - V1 . I opted for flowery jewelery from Finesmith FINESMITH SEPTEMBER GIFT- SUMMER FAREWELL NECKLACE, just to keep in season and my hair in a side plait from TRUTH >TRUTH< Froukje - barley to  keep me cool!

Monday, 4 August 2014

NS:: Cutie Store and Trend Fashion Fair!

When I saw this cute little romper set in the Trend Fashion Fair, I almost leapt for joy...I think it`s adorable, and plus i`d been to Collabor88 earlier last month and bought these binoculars so this was my perfect opportunity to use them, so ty Nani for sending us this!

So I had my safari romper on and it was time to go in search of some elephants, you know like anyone needs binoculars too see an elephant lmao.....well all I found was leopards and in case your wondering that one behind me was friendly he did`nt bite my bum! And no I was`nt looking in the wrong direction heehee!

Styling credits go to...

NS Trend fashion fair::  Wild Zipped Rompers  (XS) this comes with Lolas appliers
::HH:: Hucci Hampstead Sandal - Leopard (L) @ Collabor88
Flowey.lornetka binoculars in vintage leather @ Collabor88
Clawtooth Safari babe - salty @ Collabor88
Yummy boomerang necklace-Tiger @ Collabor88