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Friday, 27 May 2016


Looking for a darker skin for the summer season? Darker skins are not seen as often so why not visit Dark of the moon store and get the Afrodite skin. Add the Red apple lipsticks to finish the look and make you stand out from the crowd!

C R E D I T 
Red Apple  - Classic Matt Red Lipstick
D&M  -Afrodite Dark Appliers included!

Designer Circle round 130, featuring.... Missnoise, Persefona, MoOh, WoW skins, Grafffitiwear,Codex and Queen of Ink!

S H O E S F I N E S M I T H LOVE stilettos- rigged hud
J U M P S U I T -Missnoise_style +  CATSUIT SHEER WHITE WITH APPLIERS @ Designer Circle
Persefona Divine Butterflies SET (mix) @ Designer Circle
Vanity Hair: Nina

More fabulousity from Mooh Designs over at Designer Circle, in the form of this mesh Top and Skirt. Comes as default avi  and also Mesh bodies avi. I absolutely adore the finish on this dress, its fantastic and something for the new season! In the above pic I am also wearing the WoW Skin Emi in Darktan, this is also available at this round of Designer Circle...this is the perfect time to pick up an outstanding skin at a fraction of the price, The appliers are sold seperately, and are also on display with the skin, seriously, you do NOT want to miss out on this. 

This pic was taken on location at Black Kite and I did some editing to add a softer tone to it, so the skin may appear a little different!

J E W E L E R Y-Lazuri Shahy Pearls and Opals 
H A I R[e] Glory - Rich Browns
S K I R T  A N D  T O P -MOoH! Julia dress @ Designer Circle
S H O E S- Finesmith LOVE STILETTOS (unpacked)

Codex have this lovely set of  Swan earings in black at the Designer Circle event!

Look sexylicious in this mesh strappy dress from Graffitiwear. Available in other color choices too!

Finally add some sauce to your look with a lovely tattoo from Queen of ink! Tattoos are definately the way forward both in SL and RL.....have a needle phobia in rl but love tattoos, then live the fantasy here in second life! Available at Designer Circle.

Friday, 20 May 2016

The Designer Circle round 130 featuring Posh Pixels,One Hundred, Wellmade,Awear, WoW skins!

Well lets start this round with something for the summer. The weather is hotting up and the beach is calling us! So why not opt for some new swimwear, courtesy of Posh Pixels. This mesh set is outstanding and was just the thing I was looking for. Its available at this round of The Designer Circle and has different texture options. I like them all! 

 C R E D I T S 

B I K I N I -{POSH PIXELS} Beach Babe  @ Designer Circle
H A I R - [enVOGUE] - HAIR Marilyn - Light Blondes

The tops and jeans are more wonderful designs available at the Designer Circle. The tops are from One hundred and come with appliers hud. There are more color options available in store. With the tops I added the Flared jeans from Wellmade...I thought the two of them worked well. There are three denim textures as you can see!

C R E D I T S 

J E W E L E R Y -Indy&Co.: Suha Beads: Honeysuckle
T O P S -1 Hundred. All Night Long Top @ Designer Circle
J E A N S - [WellMade] Fancy Flare Jeans Pants @ Designer Circle
H A I R - >TRUTH< Hollana -  blondes
Looking for a sleek pencil skirt? The Awear have this one at the Designer circle event. It has a texture change hud so other colors available. The complete outfit has shoes and the very sexy, skin revealing top. 

Awear ray Halter Crop Top MAITREYA @ Designer Circle
Awear ray Pencil skirt  MAITREYA and heels. @Designer Circle
.::WoW Skins::. Emi Darktan CL @ Designer Circle
H A I R -Vanity Hair::Diorissima HP blacks

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

[[ Masoom ]] Isabella Dress in black!

This mesh creation from Masoom is available at the Mesh Addicts event...

Event Name: - Mesh bodies addict- (MBA)

  * 10th May - Opening at 12:01am
  * 30th May - Close at 11:59pm SLT

A variety of options are available, I chose to go with red and black but the choice is yours! This is an exclusive item so you can only purchase from MBA event.

C R E D I T S 

D R E S S- [[ Masoom ]]  Isabella Dress @ MBA Event
S K I N -.::WoW Skins::. Emi Darktan 2016 @ Designer Circle
H A I R - Tukinowaguma Tiana Ebony
S H O E S -.:Glow Designs:. Abby Shoes - Animal Print Collection FatPack

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Dark of the Moon Lollita skin with Purple lipsticks!

The Lollita pale skin from Dark of the moon is my main feature in this post. A beautiful skin with a completely flawless finish. Each skin comes with ALL appliers.

Why not compliment the skin with these gorgeous Purple lipsticks. The lipsticks are at the new Red Apple store, all part of the Dark of the moon empire!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Prism Kiki Rose Romper!

This stunning Romper from Prism is a fabulous addition to that summer closet. The detailed edging really sets this one apart from the rest. Its been delicately textured in a very pale blue. Its absolutely exquisite in my opinion!

S H O E S -F I N E S M I T H LOVE stilettos
R O M P E R -Prism Kiki Rose Romper Dress by Journey
H A I R -Son!a Viva-Hair Updo Dirty Blonde

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Runway Perfect hunt 6, featuring..Loordes of London, Luminesse,Entice,Wetcat amd Livia!

Loordes of London are my next creators taking part in the Runway Perfect Hunt...and won`t you just look perfect in this mesh number. I decided to wear this look as is and not add jeans or leggings, and just makes it ooze sexiness...You could do the same or add tights or trousers, either way works!

H I N T 

#21– Loordes of London

Prize: Female

Hint:In The Thrift Shoppe

Luminesse have this perfect earing set in the Runway perfect Hunt, is an exclusive item and means its never been released before. Gorgeous drop earings with a huge red stone in the centre...I`m really diggin this a lot!


#32– Luminesse

Prize: Both (2 Gifts Provided,1 Male, 1 Female)

Hint:Pazima loves to watch the lightning and hear the thunder during rainstorms.

Moving on to the next designer in this fabulous hunt I feature...Entice have this delightful gown in Lilac as their creation for the hunt. I added Hair from Emo to mine and topped it off with jewlery from Son!a. Remember to read the hint and take the tp below the hint to grab yours.

H I N T 

#37– Entice 

Prize: Female

Hint: As long as you are standing by the subscribo, you might as well join!

Wetcat have this fantastic prop with poses at their store. Its fantastic for bloggers or taking client pics if you are a photographer on the grid. The texture on the archway changes so you can go for light or dark wall textures and can change the poses to suit, and also change positions at the touch of a button!

                                                    H I N T 
#29– ::WetCat: Poses:

Prize: Unisex

Hint:”Sit down.. Enjoy the show”

Looking for some nails to add to your new outfit? Then look no further than Livia, they have this adorable nail polish set suitable for slink and Omega appliers. As you can see from the hud there are 6 different color options. Take the hint and go hunt for yours, you have until May 31st to grab all these delightful goodies!

                                             H I N T

                                         #25– LIVIA

                                        Prize: Female

                                          Hint:Plant Me


Friday, 13 May 2016

Dark of the moon Athena skin pale and 3D Nail polish!

Another Lovely skin from Dark of the moon! Comes with all appliers for all you mesh addicts!

D&M  - Athena Pale

 These nails at Dark of the moon have several color options all easily changed via the hud. I am wearing the slink hands with mine!

                           D&M Body Shop Nail Polish Kit- Nails 3D Colors

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Runway Perfect hunt featuring White Widow,Posh Pixels and Miss Darcy.

Body art tattoos are a popular item in second life and this one from White Widow is outstanding, whether you are a model or just a total fashionista then this is could be for you! Read the hint below to make finding the product easier.

 H I N T 

#09– White Widow

Prize: Unisex

Hint:You need to walk across tombstones

Posh Pixels have these stunning hats available at the Runway perfect hunt, I am wearing the Strawberry but there are others also. A perfect accompaniment to any fashion conscious lady!

Need a Hint????

H I N T 


Prize: Female

Hint:She may look pretty in the lights, but the light comes from somewhere above

And finally from Miss Darcy this delightful mesh set featuring a skirt and top in a stunning texture. Plenty of skin to show on this one ladies. You will definitely light up a room when you walk in. But you`ll need a hint.....right???

                                             H I N T 

#14– Miss Darcy

Prize: Both (2 Gifts Provided; 1 Male & 1 Female)

Hint:Do not worry.  You won’t always be a bridesmaid.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Designer Circle round 129, post 2 features...Sofie`s Selection,Icewerk,Ashmoot.Stormcrow Designs heels

A fabulous casual look is on offer at Designer Circle from Sofie`s Selection, relaxing cotton pants and a crop top that has four color choices. 

*ARGRACE* Baseball Cap "Long wavy"
<S> Mesh High Neck Crop Top & Cotton Pants With Hud @ Designer Circle
<S>Cotton Stars Printed Track Pants With Hud @ Designer Circle
AsHmOoT_A/W Coll_Strong High AnkleBoots/ Pair [ADD] @ Designer Circle

Another stunning creation from Icewerk in this simple mesh dress that is superb for the warmer seasons. Has a texture change hud so the color can be changed very easily. I added Truth hair and the Necklace is a part of the Runway project hunt that is a grid wide hunt running till the end of May.

C R E D I T S 
Moondance Jewels Liz Jewelry Set @ The Runway perfect hunt
[ICEWERK] Melissa Dress HUD 20 Colors @ Designer Circle
High Heels V11 (pair)  RIGGED w/o Metals Teal @ Designer Circle
TRUTH HAIR Sadie -  light blondes

Sunday, 8 May 2016

[Wellmade] Corset!

C R E D I T S 
[WellMade] Sweetest Thing Corset
Maitreya Mesh Flare jeans * #6
TRUTH HAIR Vixen -  light blondes

The Corsets from [WELLMADE] come with a texture change hud so you can change to suit your mood or to mix and match to a different skirt or jeans or whatever it is you want to wear. I added Jeans with mine and I love how they compliment each other. The Corset has a lovely frilled edging along the breast area and a zip up the back A lovely addition to your Summer wardrobe!

Friday, 6 May 2016

The runway Perfect Hunt featuring Prism Coco dress and hat by Journey with Moondance Liz Jewelery set!

 Another wonderful creation for the Runway Perfect Hunt, is this very smart and classy look from Prism By Journey. It features a skirt and top on piece mesh dress, the Hat comes with it too and adds a nice touch of elegance and sophistication to the look. Take the link below and make sure to read the clues... happy hunting!

H I N T 

#39– PRISM Designs by Journey

Prize: Female

Hint:Find my tiny little door, no bigger than a mouse and you will find my gift on the other side of the wall.

 With the Prism design outfit I decided to add the Moondance Liz  Elegant jewelery Set. This is an extremely delicate set and will work well to compliment every outfit you own, as it is not overstated. This comes with a texture changer, so you can change the metals, Stones and Gems with one push of the mouse. I absolutely adore this set and so could you, but read the clue to save you time.....

                                                                        H I N T 
#01– Moondance Boutique

Prize: Both (2 Gifts Provided; 1 Male & 1 Female)

Hint: Female – Slink, Belleza and Maitreya all have the now, for us it’s time to go back to basics.

Male – Take a seat in our VIP Lounge and have a nice read.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Runway Perfect Hunt 6 with Purplemoon, Dulce`s Secret and Athena Couture!

My next Designers taking part in "The runway perfect Hunt 6" is Dulce`s Secrets. Dulce has this fabulous Makeup ...there are five tatoo layers in total, each one giving you a very delicate eye makeup, in different colors. These are something I will be using a lot as they are such nice subtle spring tones. Now remember this is a hunt, so I`m guessing you will want a clue as to were to find them...right? Well keep reading and maybe, just maybe I will drop you a hint..

                                               H I N T 

Prize: Both (2 Gifts Provided; 1 Male & 1 Female)

Hint: Male – As a curtain of darkness falls across the sky sparkling diamonds emerge to light your way.
Female – They say that your eyes are a window to your SOUL.

Who is next I hear you ask.....well keep on reading to find out.....

Athena Couture is next, in the form of this fabulous set of jewelery, that features, earings, bracelets, necklace and rings. Its absolutely stunning and is definitely a statement piece. Now wait for the hint before you go rushing off....

                                             H I N T 

#35– Athena Couture – 

Prize: Female

Hint: Hidden in the black walls lies a mystery box waiting to be opened.

Now just before you leave excited and ready to go hunt, I have one more designer, and that is Purplemoon, the lovely Poulet has created a gorgeous Wrap. You should have realised by now that the above pics also feature the wrap and as you can see it comes in  different colors, well, not really, its a color change hud that comes with the wrap and you can even change the texture on the button, how fabulous is that. Here comes the hint...

                                                    H I N T 

#16– Purplemoon

Prize: Female

Hint:”Lit by a candle where all gifts are given”

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Designer Circle 129 post...Featuring MOoh, 7 deadly skins, {Pretty things}, Culco, Queen of Ink and Posh Pixels.

Starting Designer Circle round 129 off, with these lovely dresses from MoOh.....Cute, sexy and textured perfectly. Mesh body compatible and regular avatar too. In three colors, a very subtle pink, white and black. 

C R E D I T S 

H A I RTuTy's ADORABLE Chestnut- Dark brown- Blue antracite- Black
D R E S S- MOoH! Sylvie dress @ Designer Circle
S K I N - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Holly skin @ Designer Circle 

These uber cute Rompers from {Pretty Thing} are also available at the deisnger Circle event. Four designs each one as lovely as the next. An ideal spring summer wardrobe addition.

 C R E D I T S -

S K I N - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Holly skin  @ Designer Circle
R O M P E R S - PT - Rainbow, Striped, Babygirl and Nautical Romper @ Designer Circle

7 Deadly s{K}ins -Holly Caramel v2 noCL @ Designer Circle

Looking for a more glamourous, smart, classy look? Then this might be just the job...the LBD, re-invented by Culco with a t-shape opening over the breast area and a midi length skirt to show off those long sexy legs.

S H O E S - F I N E S M I T H LOVE STILETTOS (unpacked)
H A I R - [e] Comfort - Bright Blondes
F A S C I N A T O R - [LD] Orphee - Black - Fascinator
D R E S S - -Culco- T-Front Dress - Black @ Designer Circle

The next designer is Queen Of Ink tattoo...There is a free gift also avaialbe as well as the Tattoo that is shown in the above pic. I am also wearing the gorgeous Bra and Panties set from Posh Pixels, comes with a texture  change hud so you can easily change color to suit your mood! All available at Designer Circle. Both are compatible with the mesh bodies!

C R E D I T S 

T a t t oo- *Queen oF Ink - Entity Tattoo @ Designer Circle
B R A / P A N T I E S- {POSH PIXELS} Diva Lingerie - Jazlynn @ Designer Circle