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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Glow Designs @ Cosmopolitan sales room!

Glow Designs  Hanna Dress exclusive at Cosmopolitan bring you these stunning mesh short dresses with belt....They are adorable and very easy to wear, there is a hint of sexy with the one side showing off your shoulder! They come in a total of 8 colors so something for everyone! 

.:Glow Designs:. Hanna Dress
Glamorize lipsticks in pink,hot sauce and purple
-Glam Affair - Kallisto - Exotic 07 A
>TRUTH< Winona w/Roots - beach
::je::suis::tente::pinks::bracelet (l and r)
FINESMITH Mix silver necklace

[[Masoom]] looking for bloggers!

If you are interested in blogging please fill in the app will be joining an amazing friendly team and a talented designer, so come join us and happy blogging! Link to main store is HERE!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

[[MASOOM]] @ The wash cart sale!

Here are three more items that can be found at the Wash Cart sale from [[Masoom]]! First is the flower power mesh dress in a mix of vibrant colors, very fitting for this season, especially the vibrant orange!

And next is this beautiful clutch that will add a touch of class to any outfit! Gold and pink has a very regal look about it, its adorable and a must have ladies!

Finally is the jumper dress, I think you can wear this without pants or not, jeans would work with this also, but i like the sexiness of wearing it just as it is, the choice is yours! TP here to get these stunning creations before the sale ends!

Sascha`s Designs Fashion Show part Two!

I`m back with part two of the Fashion Show, plenty more stunners on the way! First I will start off with the Luxuria Formal gown, in both pictures you will see how just adding that extra something a whole new look can be achieved.  No fur stola in the above pic, so giving a very fresh formal pretty look!

In this case adding the fur stola  and hair just gave the look a totally different era, very vintage and is a prime example of good modeling and styling, so kudos to the model in the pic for achieving that! TP here!  

The Yazz gowns are another gorgeous creation, 50% Mesh and such a delight to wear. An elegant Silhouette with corset style bodice.  They come in black and white and have a stunning embroidery on the front. The cascading skirt drops to the floor in a fish tail style and is  beautifully stylish and a must have for anyone!

Two completely different styles were next,  first I present to you the Clever Girl in pink and white,(other colors also available)I do like this dress and more so because its pink, I love pink and love the head piece that just gives it that extra added touch, opera length gloves just add to the formality, beautiful! TP HERE!

And then to the Epitomize, this gown shimmers and shines and has a sweetheart neckline, form fitting bodice encrusted with pearls, it really is a crowd stopper! Also included with this gown are a variety of skirts, so lots of options on how to wear it and a Tulle bolero!  Your dance card will be full in those many ballrooms of SL so get yours now if you want to be the Centre of attention and the envy of the dance floor! TP HERE!    

And now for something thats very Audrey Hepburn, this is a classy look, The Betty dresses, very smart and comes complete with a stylish hat, and gloves. Beautiful bow embellishments on the shoulders and a clever vintage look! TP HERE.

This next peplum style top and skirt are named Carmen..There are four sets to choose from each in different colors and different colored belts. You can mix and match the skirts and tops as they are an affordable 249ls per set....TP HERE!

ROARING is the next name for this above item, and ROAR you will, is`nt this simply adorable. The roaring tweties was a fabulous era, and you can go back there with these stunning creations! You can wear the dress with or without the frilled hemline and it even comes complete with hat and gloves! I`m impressed!

The Bisous leather mesh jackets were a sight for sore eyes! Superbly styled and the ultimate jacket to have for the Autumn season. Can be worn with jeans, leggings slacks, just about anything goes! 

The Talon formal gowns graced the runway and again the crowd was aghast with sheer quality and exuberance of these designs! A number of ways to wear these, as the skirt options are endless, want a more glamorous look then add more skirts, something a bit more formal then just use a mermaid skirt! Beauties are`nt they ladies? And any of you guys out there looking to buy the lady in your life a stunning gown why not shop at Saschas, the staff there are always willing to help!

Back to a casual look for this one, These are the Bomax jackets 50% Mesh and come with jeans to complete the look! A definate Autumn/Winter casual look! Again a variety of color choices so something for everyone! TP HERE!
The Zahara gowns were next! Again was playing tricks on me so was unable to get both models. This one is another glittery delight, with arm attachments giving it that fairy tale feel. The plunging neckline giving way to a hint of sexy cleavage and the ornate texture that hugs the figure showing off your every curve!

 Next was the very smart Trouser suit named Sabine. I am almost certain this one is`nt in store yet, but you may want to go there to double check! Its a smart looking tailored design,fitted jacket with button detail on each sleeve!

 The penultimate gowns were these  Art Deco Hunger games gowns, one in gold and one in red, coming complete with mask. So ideal for a masquerade ball! The satin texture on these is breathtaking! The models have styled these perfectly! Well done ladies!

Now for the show stoppers and something for every bride to be in sl. Two totally different wedding gowns. For the less flambouyant and for the bride that is looking for something to show off her figure, this one is stunning! A beautiful bolero envelopes the shoulders and a flowy skirt drapes to the ground. An ideal gown for a beach wedding!

 Complete opposite to the last dress this one shouts out Flambouyant, and rightly so. Layers and upon layers of textured ruffles, with  a strapless bodice that helps to create a breathtaking silhouette. The top is adorned with the same ruffles as the skirt and a simple veil worn at the back of the head, so as not to draw away any attention from the bride and her stunning dress! All eyes will certainly be on you!
This brings me to the end of my blog for the Sascha`s Designs Autumn Fashion show. There are some direct links provided with each outfit, if any are missing it might be that the designs are nt in store just yet, but you have had a sneak preview of whats to come! I think every model did a splendid job and kudos to you all. Thank you all for reading and hope that you find just what you are looking for at Sascha`s Designs!

Sascha`s Designs Fashion Show! Part One!

It was a full house over at Sascha`s Designs runway the sim was fit to crash and poor Sascha, well she just crashed all night and no not from too much wine!(though that must be a first).Here is part one of the show, it`s a long blog post and when you read it you will see why, I wanted to feature every design from the show...

Otillie Dress with belt was the first outfit to grace the runway, the model to the left wore hers with no leggings or leg wear and it looked amazing. The model to the right coupled hers with white leggings and it added a whole different look. These are available in a variety of colors, which is something we have become accustomed too at Saschas. TP LINK !

             Aimee dazzling glitter dress was next up, this stunning, vibrant creation comes complete with head piece to compliment and finish the look! Beautiful and a must have for any wardrobe! TP HERE!

Next were the sassy yet classy Claudia skirts with the Milou Top. Not for the faint hearted are these uber mini skirts, the detailiing on them is outstanding and although they are short they just shout SEXY to me. I love them! TP HERE!

Now for a more formal look with the Bedazzle  gowns,  I just adore the detailing along the edging on the skirts. It features a sweetheart neckline so is extremely flattering, its figure hugging top makes way to a stunning flowing skirt, this will turn heads and light up a room! Again with a sensational head piece and a choice of colors!

 Back to a shorter skirt is the Firenze and boy will you shimmer in this....its a glitter dress with plunging neckline, so shows off some cleavage! This will work with a formal updo hair style or a long hair style....different colors available and a beauty if ever there was one!!!!! TP HERE!

Wow!!! Have you noticed how Sascha never ceases to amaze??? Here are two more formal gowns, to the left we have the glittering  Moonlight Gold dress, imagine dancing under the moonlight with that special someone, the moon light will just shimmer off the glittery dress! To the right we have the Grace in white with silver embellishments, (soon to be released) another dress to light up a the night away in these classy dresses and watch all eyes be on you! Moonlight TP here!

Out popped two more models in the most stunning of gowns, The Jesa gowns and each model styled in totally different ways in terms of hair, so it worked completely. 

This stylish gowns were amazing, the white gown could easily be worn as a wedding gown, my opinion is a Winter wedding with beautiful reds to match the season.  The figure hugging lace top with its intricate detailing was sensational, there were lots of wonderful comments and ooooo`s and aaaaa`s from the audience when this dress graced the runway! It was a show stopper for sure! Absolutely outstanding!  TP HERE!

The Noa more casual dresses were our next design, this dress is one of my particular favorites, because of its ease to wear, as anything goes with these and the fact it has a texture change hud with each set, so its complete value for money for anyone shopping on a budget. Visit the store and you`ll see the choices available, you will absolutely want this set for sure! TP HERE!

The black and white sets were our next stunner, and unfortunately with the sim being so packed I was starting to have rez issues, you know how SL is so was only able to take one pic of this as the other model had not rezzed completely for me in the other one, but you can see from the pic that again these will be a nice addition to your Fashion Inventory. Styled beautiful, kudos to all the models that did so well despite the lag! I`ll be back with part two of my blog post in a little while, time for coffee and to do some house work, blaaah! So watch this space everyone! TP HERE!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Prism Alouette Finch and Swallow dresses!

Prism Alouette Long Dress Finch is the first creation it is a form fitting gown with a gold strap that wraps around the neck ,holding it in place. It has a somewhat Eastern feel to me. The gold matching belt cinches you in at the waist, showing off your curves very nicely! A very clean dress with butterflies and finches, it truly is remarkable.

 Next is the Prism Alouette Long Dress Swallow, Identical to the gown above but with Swallows on the textures and in a duck egg blue color. These dresses are mesh and come with gold bracelets( not show in the pic).

**Styling Credits**

Prism Alouette Long Dress Swallow
Prism Alouette Long Dress Finch
F I N E S M I T H LOVE stilettos
*Plume* - Butterflies hair (store closed)
Pose is from Impacto

Thursday, 25 September 2014

[[Masoom]] @ The Wash Cart Sale!

[[Masoom]] are still present at the Wash cart sale, and are showcasing this beautiful top, it can be worn a number of ways, with Skinnies, Leggings, Shorts or a skirt...just about anything goes. Its one of those items you can style over and over, so definately one to have in your SL wardrobe. 

Want a pair of jeans to match the top, then these will work perfectly...again available at the Wash Cart sale from [[Masoom]]..lovely don`t you agree?? Its not too late to go visit, plus there are other items from Masoom too...why not take that link now and go look!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Eyelure and Glow Designs!

The Autumn season is officially upon us, the leaves are turning into lovely vibrant colors on the trees, much like this set from Eyelure, the tones and colors are totally on the nail for this season. Skinny jeans in a shade of brown and neutral, and the tops with three different textures. I have opted for the Glow Designs Marie heels, to match this look, its a  spotty texture and so adorable, very retro in fact, these come in a choice of colors, three of which are showcased below.

           You will need slink high feet for these gorgeous shoes!

                     Gorgeous in Brown as you can see!

And to finish off the vibrant Red. Other colors are available, just                                             follow this link!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

M&M with shoes from Sky Designs!

Today I present to you two different styles from M&M. My first look above is the M&M-Vinia skirt with the M&M-Zella top, I decided to give it a futuristic look, hence the wacky hairstyle and the background I used. This is a leather mesh design that has buckle belts on the skirt adding some nice detail. The top shows off some skin to give a sexy sultry look....I`m really liking the futuristic feel of this! The hair is an old hair i`ve had in my inventory since forever, and is no longer available it was from 3636, if it is open I would sure like an LM from anyone that has one:).

This next dress M&M Yolanda  is definately one for the upcoming season, it`s mesh for all you mesh lovers and has a belt to add some detail to the look. A wool texture to keep you warm as the leaves fall from the trees. I added hair from Truth Tegan 2, a cutesy little trilby to keep it on trend!

Not shown in the picture are the Sky Designs,Sky - Tenacity Ankle Shoes Black shoes in Black, these are on sale at 100ls, please be aware that you will need the slink high feet for these gorgeous creations. I just love the detailing on these...stunning and a bargain buy!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

[[Masoom]] @ Wash Cart sale!

[[Masoom]] have a number of items on sale at The Wash Cart is just one of is a delightful top [[ Masoom ]] Acid Glitter -pink and works well with Jeans. Showing just a hint of tummy its a delightful addition to your wardrobe. I teamed mine with Jeans from Malt and added Hair from >TRUTH< Janice - beach. More items coming soon for the Wash Cart sale!

M&M Glamour Dress and Boots!

M&M have a wealth of new designs hitting the store on what seems to be a daily basis...there is a massive selection of different looks to suit all tastes and all budgets for that matter! You need to visit the store to really appreciate what is on offer. I will be blogging a few designs from M&M so please keep visiting my blog for more wonderful outfits!


Hair-*~*Damselfly*~* Bijou - Oynx
Jewelery-Lazuri Shahy Pearls and Opals Complete Collection
Skin--Glam Affair - Kallisto - Exotic 07 A

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Eyelure Rope Halter with Aztec jeans!

Eyelure have created this stunning Rope Halter and teamed it with Aztec skinnies...It works a treat. I adore skinnies, be it RL or flattering on any figure!

Also available in white, with a different pair of skinnies!

And finally a green top. so you see there is something for all color tastes....go grab yours now take this LIMO!


Eyelure Rope Halter  Available in a choice of colors!

Eyelure Skinny Jeans a choice of three textures!

HAIR-[e] Control - Blonde 06

Friday, 19 September 2014


Are you a lady that loves a bargain? Most of us these days have to shop on a budget here in SL... myself included, but I am an avid sale shopper, often my hubby laughs at me when he sees my latest dress or pair of shoes, and says  "How much"...I can`t help but chuckle to myself. He thinks i`m a shopaholic, but I call myself a "bargain hunter"..well thats a good enough name and i`m sticking to it!

So the latest bargain`s are these gorgeous Retro Bikinis from only 60ls each i`d say thats a darn good buy, would`nt you?

As you can see there are three colors, and i`ve decided to show you them all!

I decided to add TRUTH HAIR Sadie  to my look, its a lovely updo, very in keeping with the trend of the bikini and has a texture change hud, so i`m able to marry the scarf each time with the color of the bikini. I love it!!!!! So why not visit Sky Designs today, and grab one or even all three at this price.....These will be on ofer until Tuesday 23rd September, so a few days to grab yours ladies! Happy shopping!