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Monday, 18 November 2013

Ms/Mr Universe Finale 2013!!!

 Yes we were ready for another amazing CWS Pageant, but first of all let me introduce you to our CEO, DJ, and Prestigious Judges! This blog will be longer than usual, but you have to keep reading to see who won! Who do you think?????

                       CEO Ms Sunrae Suntzu ( hmmm where`s her Mop?...girl you`re fired!)

DJ Wildrose, and god does her name suit her...We are sueing her on behalf of Donald ( yes the duck).....Things "CAME" to a sticky conclusion....long story, but lets just say the runway was wet and Sunrae defo needed that mop!
So the judges were sat comfortably in their seats, they had a mammouth task, our Judges from left to right were.... Ms Lisana Rossen, CWS Super Model Executive Trainer and Fashion show Director.  Ms Laci Rossini, CWS Super model and retired Trainer. Last but by no means least, one of our fabulous designers at CWS, Ms Giulia Aura.
It was without doubt another nail biting Finale over at CWS.  After months of boosting and weeks of preparing the finalists were ready to demonstrate to the SL world what they were made of.   The pageant consisted of three categories, the first being the bikini/swimwear section. What a sight we saw, a sensational display of exotic bikinis and a tiny yet modest thong from the only Male contender! And he got a few wolf whistles I can tell ya!
So first out on the catwalk was Annabree Fang, wearing a rather daring colourful bikini, she looked fabulous. Her red hair was swept back and held in place by a beautiful pink flower. I was talking to her just before the Finale started, she was nervous, her very first pageant, but she did an amazing job!
Next out was Freedom, yes ladies, the "LUNCHBOX" had landed. I saw you all drooling over Freedoms masculinity. Shame on you! He did look fantastic though I must say. Well done Freedom, being the only guy in the contest he got a ton of attention!

Rita was the next lady up, she too had a few whistles and attention from the guys in the audience.   Rita`s second pageant at CWS and I must say she rocked!  Rita had a very sexy one piece with tiny spaghetti straps that held her in place!  Splendid Job Rita!


 Ms Summitt, was the next one to grace us with her beauty...and what a beauty she was.  This bikini showed off her hour glass figure to perfection, she accessorized perfectly. A delicate ornate headpiece finished off the look. Not over stated so as not to draw the attention away from the bikini. Summitt`s first pageant with CWS also.

Our Final lady in the section was Alu, also known as Ladysunfire. She wore a vibrant red bikini with frills and a devine sun hat. She had a lei type necklace made of the best silk flowers, a pretty flower in her hair and simple yet stylish jewellery. A CWS Super model for many years and a lovely special lady indeed!



This is always my favourite point of the show. It never ceases to amaze me the absolutely magnificent displays of Talent at each Pageant....Pageant after pageant the bar is raised.
Annabree was back on the catwalk wearing a white cowgirl outfit with boots and accessories. Her props were simple but very effective, she used a delightful light show, and set to midnight really wowed the audience!
Next up was our Man Freedom, he was dressed in full Hawain attire and had fire balls for his talent, yes luckily we had the fire brigade on stand by but we didn't need them.  Freedoms song choice was that old Classic Hawaii Five 0 theme tune. Again set to midnight showed the full effect of his talent!
 Rita came on stage next, she had a huge fabulous Religious Stage, with Pegasus, her dance routine saw her flying through the air, with a lightning spectacular. Rita then flew all around the audience on her own Pegasus...Amazing and a job well done!!!!!!!!!

Our next contestant to show off her talent was Summitt, These pics really do not do it justice. She had a very life like scene of the jungle, Elephant, Giraffe, and even a leopard lay in a tree. Her dress was matched with the theme of Africa, the music perfectly suited this dance and the prop.  A little fire burning in the corner, the drums on the floor, you really did feel the hotness of the African Jungle in this routine!
 So here we are at our last finalists talent section. Alu, danced a beautiful dance as she recited a poem, written by herself. I just have to share a small part with you.

 (A sadden young woman awaits her true love to return from an extensive journey that has kept him away for several months. Each day in secret she slips out of her bedroom stepping lightly to the oceans' sandy shores with the intention of seducing the winds to answer her prayers of returning her Love safely home. She hopes against hope that her dancing a  serenade that her prayers will be answered and he will return safely home. Kneeling as she leans forward resting her forehead on the sands........)

Her prop was a beautiful beach, the sound of the waves lapping against the sand in the background....a palm tree with falling coconuts, she really did set the scene, it was so surreal!

So that's two sections down and only one to go.......Do you have a favourite yet???? Are`nt they all fabulous? So hard to choose  I know....but lets move on to the final section which is....

                               MASQUERADE FORMAL

Annabree is wearing a sensational Queen of hearts gown in a vibrant red.  I am going to let this section speak for itself. You make your own mind up! Is Anna going to win the crown????


 Freedom opted for a Phantom of the Opera mask and dark he your winner?????

 Again we have the delightful Rita in this black ensemble.......does she deserve the title of Ms Universe??

 Summitt is our penultimate finalists in the Blue and Gold Peacock dress,a myriad of textures........Would that crown fit on Summitt`s head nicely????




And now for our last finalist...Alu...wearing a stunning red and gold/yellow simply stunning dress...... Alu did you win the crown????

So we are  all anxiously waiting, we all had our winners in our thoughts....but would our favorites be chosen???? Below is the audience dancing and waiting patiently for Sunrae to tally the score.....Yeah she handles a mop much better than a calculator....just tries to avoid the Mopping....lazy moo!!!!!

So here it comes finally the results are in and its a nail biting tense time........ Sunrae announces, the 4th runner up...........Ms Annabree Fang........Anna should be so proud, she does`nt have as much modelling experience as some of the others, but I can honestly say it did not show... Ann well done sweets:) you did a fabulous job!

Sunrae announces...and our 3rd runner up is................... Ms Rita Mirror......another outstanding performance, its all so close and tense, but we all know there can only be one winner.

SO WHO ARE THE TOP 3????????????????????? DYING TO KNOW????



The 2nd runner up is Mr Freedomrock Rhiadra, I think its always that bit more difficult for a man in pageants, but Freedom, you can hold your head up high, you were superb, I particularly enjoyed Free`s descriptions, well done Free, a really nice guy and truly deserving!

Its down to the last 2, Alu and Summitt, both really close friends and I`m sure in IM wishing each other can cut the atmosphere with a knife....all the hard work was over and we wanted to know who was the winner......what seemed like an eternity seemed to pass and then Sunrae announced......
And the 1st runner up and winner of 25,000ls is..............
Alu aka Ladysunfire Erin
Alu was amazing in this contest and I`m sure it was just a decimal point splitting these two, all the way through they just exceded all expectations, shame we can`t have two winners, Alu you were fabulous and always such a gracious Lady!!!!!
 So here she is our Ms Universe 2013...Ms Summitt Beaumont, Summitt was consistent the whole way through, sensational outfits, edited to perfection, stylish jewellery that complimented each look. Ohh and incidently Summitt was also the winner of our Best Talent section too...WTG Summitt you sure know how to Rock a runway girl! 

                                      MS UNIVERSE 2013



Remember you are all winners in our eyes!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

YDEA Fashion Show (Frayar Resident franchise)

Another packed house over on CWS sim, and we had the greatest honor of showcasing one of our Models Franchise, Bell aka Frayar Resident has opened a Franchise on the CWS sim, so we were lucky enough to be able to demo some of her collection.   It was extra special for Bell as she is also our Calendar Model for April so was our "Centre of attraction" in the show. Here are two outfits that I was fortunate enough to style....the first above reminded me so much of Paris and the Onion seller on a bike with his black beret, so I decided to base my style on that....hence the beret, I added some ankle boots from Bax and complimented the look with long hair and hot red lips. I think it worked.....all that was missing was the onions and a bike...giggles.
This is the second look I chose to Blog, a Mesh beach dress, which came complete with floppy hat, Beach bag and sunglasses. I added some shell jewelry from Indy and long pink boots, ok not ideal for the beach but loved them with this dress. If you like what you see, why not go visit Bell`s store, there are lots more goodies to be had.... i`ll post the URL below...happy shopping!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Casual look used for CWS Advance class!

VICKY YONGBO CASUAL copy by Vicky yongbo
VICKY YONGBO CASUAL , a photo by Vicky yongbo on Flickr.
This was used for the advanced finals class, fashion show!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Iggy mesh Pants!

So today i`m futzing around in SL and Miss Fartalot sends a group chat about a new outfit she made...ok so for those of you who do not know Miss Fartalot, she is aka Sascha Frangili,  my fave designer in SL.  She has Made some Mesh leather pants and a top ( not mesh) I tp over there and grab the silver pants and start  wondering what I can wear with it, then it struck me, Sascha had made the Depeche leather jacket some months ago and i had mine sitting there in inventory so added the black one to the Iggy Pants..... What a perfect combination. Touch the image to make it go larger and you will see how well it looks. I decided to ride my bike as I felt like a badass...well for about 30 seconds I did, lmao...i`m going to post links to her store so you can go grab yours, the pants are 149ls an absolute bargain if ever there was one!

Iggy pants-

Depeche Jacket-