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Friday, 19 August 2011


OOOHH Today we had a photoshoot for the UCWS blog and decided to take my own and upload it here.   This months has gone so fast, I have been so busy stepping into my breach as a trainer and  I can tell you I am loving every minute of it. I must admit I do miss the stylings, but i`m helping so many ladies achieve  their dreams, so that makes me happy and proud.  Today is styling mid terms..I am looking forward to that, does`nt feel like a month ago the July students where in this position. Everyone has been so kind to me as the "newest" trainer and although we cannot please everyone, for the most part all is well. So thats all from me and do drop by often or why not become a follower or even come join me over at CWS as a student, they are and will always remain the BEST on the grid!

Monday, 1 August 2011


This was to be my last pageant before I took up my post as Executive Trainer.....and I must say I was extremely pleased with my result.  The competition was as fierce as it gets, I was up against the likes of the lovely Pinktikicat Luv, Nickle Sparrowtree, Sunrae Suntzu, to name  but a few. 

 But I went out there and gave it my best shot.  Debbie Jasper was awesome and she is want to watch out for in the coming months here at CWS, she won Best Creative, I spoke to her backstage and she said she was nervous, well if she was it sure did`nt show. She was amazing!  

 The 31st July was also my real life birthday (yes 21 again!) so this made it extra special also, i`d been teased all day by Anrol and usual lol, good job  I got broad shoulders hehehehe!  And my question in the creative section.....I got to give it to Anrol she chooses some fabulous questions for me, loved it.... though I still refuse to give Sex Education classes....not sure it fits in with my job description" Executive Trainer..".laughs.  

 Anyway back to the results....Pink won Most photgenic, and deservedly so, her pics where phenominal.  Then it was down to the nitty gritty....the winners.....WOW....everyone was waiting nrevously... 7th Runner up- Sheilarose Aiten, her first pageant and she should be proud of what she did....6th Runner up Clys Dragoone, one of my fellow March class...great job Clysa. 5th runner up June did she was getting tense by this time....honestly could not call this one as veryone just totally shone.  
  So here we are 4th runner up Kiralyn Destiny, I had spoken to Kira pre- pageant, aww she is a sweety, a lovely lady and she looked totally wonderful.  Now to our 3rd runner up...well this was joint 3rd and went to the lovely Debbie Jasper and Pinktikicat Luv, by this time I was in total shock, I so thought Pink was fabulous, she just blows me away every pageant.  

Nail biting stuff ....its down to the last 3, who could call this one...this was gonna be a close contest, 2nd runner up was the ever lovely, funny, witty , talented Sunrae Suntzu, fab in all aspects well done hunny! 

 Its was down to myself and had I come this far with such amazing talent and wonderful models....but I had and as though fireworks went off I was so praying that Nickle would at last win a Crown, boy she has tried so hard, was this her moment in the spotlight?
I`d won the last pageant and although I would have loved to win another one on my last ever  pageant  at CWS, it really did not matter:) I was here in the top 2, and the the name came was the lovely NICKLE.

I was so genuinely pleased for her. Well done Nickle, a Crown at last hunny bunny! ...So there you have it I was runner up and immensely pleased with the result.

 Thank you to all that have inspired me, I now start a new journey in CWS as an Executive Trainer and will embrace with the same dedication and comittment I do any job or task.  I love everyone in CWS, you are like family, thank you for making my 21st birthday so extra speical( ok add some more years on) lol...hugs and pop back soon! xoxoox