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Monday, 18 July 2011


OMG, what a laugh! What a great night/early morning! But boy am I suffering now. It was 3am when i finally got to bed, so glad Ajay won he deserved it, well done Ajay. Meimei was a close second and Kinsey in third. I think more of the sepctators got agitated than the people taking part, it was funny hearing them, all we wanted was the finish line and someone to win, it went on for hours! But its all over and Ajay has his crown and fair play to him, he answered well.  Well done to all those who took part, the models in CWS support each other so well and I love that about each and every one of you. I did learn a few things last night, my knowledge of US history sucks, and that i`ll stick to strutting my stuff on the runway chuckles! Muaah to you all! And keep popping back to my blog:).

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