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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Iggy mesh Pants!

So today i`m futzing around in SL and Miss Fartalot sends a group chat about a new outfit she made...ok so for those of you who do not know Miss Fartalot, she is aka Sascha Frangili,  my fave designer in SL.  She has Made some Mesh leather pants and a top ( not mesh) I tp over there and grab the silver pants and start  wondering what I can wear with it, then it struck me, Sascha had made the Depeche leather jacket some months ago and i had mine sitting there in inventory so added the black one to the Iggy Pants..... What a perfect combination. Touch the image to make it go larger and you will see how well it looks. I decided to ride my bike as I felt like a badass...well for about 30 seconds I did, lmao...i`m going to post links to her store so you can go grab yours, the pants are 149ls an absolute bargain if ever there was one!

Iggy pants-

Depeche Jacket-

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