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Saturday, 8 November 2014


 Well I did part one yesterday, so now onto part two! These super stylish dresses are what else is available at Sky for the Weekend sales. Its one dress but has a texture change hud so you get three for the price of one....Now how can anyone resist that? I added the weekend sales shoes with these so you can match the shoes from yesterdays blog with these exquisite dresses. They are mesh so please be aware of that. Stylish, trendy and a great addition to your SL wardrobe!

If red is`nt your color then maybe this lovely purple one is!

Or go for a lovely Orange color, really the choice is yours, you will need to activate your group tag to get these at the discounted price, and as always once you are a member of Sky your future purchases will be 10%, as long as your  Group tag is active, so do not forget to activate it. Happy shopping everyone!

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