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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sky Sling Tank tops!

Sky Summerwind brings you these outstanding sling tanks in a variety of each set there are no less than 8 tanks with different color options. The first picture shows you a selection of the Jewels tones. As you can see they are vibrant in color and a vey sexy one strap over the shoulder. Wear these with jeans, legging or a skirt, the choice is up to you!

 The next set are the neutrals. Want something less vibrant with nice neutral tones...then this set is for you... again you have 8 choices in each set....I have just showcased 4 for your viewing pleasure!

 And finally we have the soft tones....very pastel colors for a more subtle look. A must have for any wardrobe...uber sexy, uber stylish and comes with appliers for all you mesh body lovers out there!

Take this link to the store HERE!

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