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Friday, 17 April 2015

Sky Designs April FREE group gift!

 How often in Second Life do we see Designers give group gifts like this? I bet you are thinking,"not very". Sky Designs owner Sky Summerwind has made the ultimate in FREE gifts. You will need to activate your group tag to be eligible for this!
 As you can see from the pics you are getting four outfits in one.....this wonderful gift comes with an easy to use Hud (See below). You could even mix and match the colors, the choice is yours! This is a sexy mini with a halter top, the back plunges straight down to your also features a mini with belt...I think its an amazing free gift and so should you! 

I might also add that being a Sky group member you get 10% back on all purchases, just make sure your group tag is activated and see the hud inside any purchases from Sky Designs! Happy Shopping ladies!

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