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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Dark of the moon Skin..Lolita, Brown mesh eyes and red lipsticks!

I start this blog ,firstly with the mesh Eyes, these are remarkable, I adore these...they have an easy to use texture change hud and are of course Mesh. Extremely realistic and life like!
Now for the Skin, this is the Lolita skin,, a pale complexion, and completely flawless. The skin creations at Dark of the moon are an excellent addition to your inventory and very affordable, so you can have a skin for all seasons. The skin comes with appliers, no need to buy them separately, so extremely affordable. 

Finally the lipsticks, in Red, come for the Classic avatar as well as Logo and Catwa. The classic avatar is  a simple tattoo layer that you add to your avatar, like wearing clothing. The others have a hud so its just a touch of a button!. Very vibrant, and very kissable, would`nt you agree?

Take the TAXI and grab a new skin for the season!

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