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Monday, 4 June 2012


WOWSER! What a finale, the standard of these pageants grows and exudes my expectations every month. The amazingly talented Sunrae Suntzu blew us all away and was crowned our Ms Hot Beach, and deservedly so, she was faultless and is a worthy winner. But thats not to say the others were to be sniffed at...we had in 2nd place Janet Brink, who styles magnificenlty in everything she does, she sets her limits high and produces a high standard at every pageant.  Liberty Lighthouse came in 3rd, this was her first pageant at CWS, sheesh you`d never have guessed, Liberty be proud girl cos you totally rocked it, i`m interested to see her next pageant she`ll bring the house down i`m sure. The lovely Paris Unplugged came in 4th and was tremendous, she really did give everyone a run for their money. This pageant had to be the closest i`ve ever seen, sooo glad I had`nt got the unenviable task of picking a winner! Well thats my insight into the Ms Hot Beach pageant....who knows next time this could be you! You have to be in it to win it...and even if you do not win it`s the taking part that matters.  Have fun if you do enter, thats the main thing, have fun and absorb every ounce of it...and if you don`t get crowned had a great time and gained some experience.
Big Kisses from me!

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