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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Runway Perfect Hunt 6 with Purplemoon, Dulce`s Secret and Athena Couture!

My next Designers taking part in "The runway perfect Hunt 6" is Dulce`s Secrets. Dulce has this fabulous Makeup ...there are five tatoo layers in total, each one giving you a very delicate eye makeup, in different colors. These are something I will be using a lot as they are such nice subtle spring tones. Now remember this is a hunt, so I`m guessing you will want a clue as to were to find them...right? Well keep reading and maybe, just maybe I will drop you a hint..

                                               H I N T 

Prize: Both (2 Gifts Provided; 1 Male & 1 Female)

Hint: Male – As a curtain of darkness falls across the sky sparkling diamonds emerge to light your way.
Female – They say that your eyes are a window to your SOUL.

Who is next I hear you ask.....well keep on reading to find out.....

Athena Couture is next, in the form of this fabulous set of jewelery, that features, earings, bracelets, necklace and rings. Its absolutely stunning and is definitely a statement piece. Now wait for the hint before you go rushing off....

                                             H I N T 

#35– Athena Couture – 

Prize: Female

Hint: Hidden in the black walls lies a mystery box waiting to be opened.

Now just before you leave excited and ready to go hunt, I have one more designer, and that is Purplemoon, the lovely Poulet has created a gorgeous Wrap. You should have realised by now that the above pics also feature the wrap and as you can see it comes in  different colors, well, not really, its a color change hud that comes with the wrap and you can even change the texture on the button, how fabulous is that. Here comes the hint...

                                                    H I N T 

#16– Purplemoon

Prize: Female

Hint:”Lit by a candle where all gifts are given”

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