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Monday, 2 May 2016

The Runway Perfect Hunt, featuring designers...Vero Modero,Deche,Wiccas Wardobe, Octobers 4seasons.

The Runway perfect hunt started May 1st  and here is the list of fabulous Designers who are taking part.

1. Moondance Boutique
2. Dulce Secrets
3. Dot-Be
4. ROA Fashion
5. CHG Fashion
6. Wicca's wardrobe
7. Finesmith
8. Alafolie
9. White Widow
10. Baboom
11. Oceane Body Boutique
12. *PosESioN*
13. October's 4Seasons 
14. Miss Darcy
15. ~ghee~
16. Purplemoon
18. Elysium Skins & Apparel
19. Paris Metro
20. L.A. BoS
21. Loordes of London
22. Couture Chapeau
24. Dèche *****
26. Glam Dreams
27. Grumble
28. 69 Park Ave
29. ::WetCat: Poses:
30. [VM] Vero Modero 
31. Lybra
32. Luminesse
33. Only Yours
34. Vindiktive
35. Athena Couture
36. StellaJane
37. Entice
38. Finale Couture
39. PRISM Designs by Journey
40. PRISM Designs by Lam

With each blog post I will be giving the hints to find the goodies on offer. The hunt object looks like the pic below...have fun and visit H E R E to see some of the fabulous items,skins,jewelery, poses etc in the hunt..

J E W E L E R Y: Son!a Artisan Full Set  Silver Onyx
D R E S S :[VM] VERO MODERO / Dark Side Dress
H A T : :: PM :: Kawana Headpiece in Black
H A I R :[e] Youth - Blondes

                                   H I N T 

#30– [VM] Vero Modero

Prize: Both (2 Gifts Provided; 1 Male & 1 Female)

Hint:Take so long to make up everyday

T P: V E R O M O D E R O - M A I N S T O R E 

M A K E - U P :...Deche...: Rift Lip paint @ Runway Perfect Hunt

                                                 H I N T 
#24– Dèche

Prize: Unisex

Hint:Look for scales.

T P : D E C H E -  M A I N S T O R E 

S K I N -O4S - Runway Perfect Hunt 2016
H A I R-Tableau Vivant \\ Ivy hair


#13– October’s 4Seasons

Prize: Female

Hint: Spring is finally here  and like Dior, I love this time of year.

T P :  T O M A I N S T O R E

Here is the hint and link to the store...have fun!

#06– Wicca’s wardrobe 

Prize: One of each (2 boxes)

Hint: Female – I wish i could do that with Amazon too, if I broke it!
Male – If you want you may well find me around Fleet Street. I wouldn’t wander.


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