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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sascha`s Designs Fashion Show! Part One!

It was a full house over at Sascha`s Designs runway the sim was fit to crash and poor Sascha, well she just crashed all night and no not from too much wine!(though that must be a first).Here is part one of the show, it`s a long blog post and when you read it you will see why, I wanted to feature every design from the show...

Otillie Dress with belt was the first outfit to grace the runway, the model to the left wore hers with no leggings or leg wear and it looked amazing. The model to the right coupled hers with white leggings and it added a whole different look. These are available in a variety of colors, which is something we have become accustomed too at Saschas. TP LINK !

             Aimee dazzling glitter dress was next up, this stunning, vibrant creation comes complete with head piece to compliment and finish the look! Beautiful and a must have for any wardrobe! TP HERE!

Next were the sassy yet classy Claudia skirts with the Milou Top. Not for the faint hearted are these uber mini skirts, the detailiing on them is outstanding and although they are short they just shout SEXY to me. I love them! TP HERE!

Now for a more formal look with the Bedazzle  gowns,  I just adore the detailing along the edging on the skirts. It features a sweetheart neckline so is extremely flattering, its figure hugging top makes way to a stunning flowing skirt, this will turn heads and light up a room! Again with a sensational head piece and a choice of colors!

 Back to a shorter skirt is the Firenze and boy will you shimmer in this....its a glitter dress with plunging neckline, so shows off some cleavage! This will work with a formal updo hair style or a long hair style....different colors available and a beauty if ever there was one!!!!! TP HERE!

Wow!!! Have you noticed how Sascha never ceases to amaze??? Here are two more formal gowns, to the left we have the glittering  Moonlight Gold dress, imagine dancing under the moonlight with that special someone, the moon light will just shimmer off the glittery dress! To the right we have the Grace in white with silver embellishments, (soon to be released) another dress to light up a the night away in these classy dresses and watch all eyes be on you! Moonlight TP here!

Out popped two more models in the most stunning of gowns, The Jesa gowns and each model styled in totally different ways in terms of hair, so it worked completely. 

This stylish gowns were amazing, the white gown could easily be worn as a wedding gown, my opinion is a Winter wedding with beautiful reds to match the season.  The figure hugging lace top with its intricate detailing was sensational, there were lots of wonderful comments and ooooo`s and aaaaa`s from the audience when this dress graced the runway! It was a show stopper for sure! Absolutely outstanding!  TP HERE!

The Noa more casual dresses were our next design, this dress is one of my particular favorites, because of its ease to wear, as anything goes with these and the fact it has a texture change hud with each set, so its complete value for money for anyone shopping on a budget. Visit the store and you`ll see the choices available, you will absolutely want this set for sure! TP HERE!

The black and white sets were our next stunner, and unfortunately with the sim being so packed I was starting to have rez issues, you know how SL is so was only able to take one pic of this as the other model had not rezzed completely for me in the other one, but you can see from the pic that again these will be a nice addition to your Fashion Inventory. Styled beautiful, kudos to all the models that did so well despite the lag! I`ll be back with part two of my blog post in a little while, time for coffee and to do some house work, blaaah! So watch this space everyone! TP HERE!

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  1. Woooooot love it Vicky!!!!! Thank you so much for your professional description of the fashion show 2014. xxx