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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sascha`s Designs Summer Hunt!

The Sascha's Designs Summer Hunt is here.  10 hunt items at 10 L are hidden somewhere in the the store!

So, first step is - You will be looking for a flower:

Easy Peasy or what???????

This is what you will be hunting for (in random order):

A stunner if ever there was one...we all know with Sascha we get constant value for money, ( Non mesh so something suit everyone) but wait for it this is only the start, read on for more delights in the Summer hunt......

Ohhh la la!!! This one is so cute and screams summer, be aware that this does contain mesh...and there`s more....

Another Mesh item. But who cares its stunning and a must have for any wardrobe, you`ll light up the room in this creation...

Oh Myyyyy...this ia adorable, spaghetti strap crosses over the neck to reveal your bare shoulders, sexy and glamour all rolled into one...this is Non mesh! Can you believe all these items, and still I have more, this has to be worth joining the Sascha`s group it really has!!

I do like Peach colors I think they are so fresh looking and so in season. And still more to come, again be aware it is a Mesh item!

So last but most certainly not least is the color block creation named Erica. Aqua and Pink look wonderful together and this will look just as wonderful on you!! Mesh item!

And step two, here are your hints, yes you even have hints to make it easier for you, this Hunt is definately too good to miss, be sure to tell your friends and loved ones. There are ten items with the bonus items in some of the roses, AMAZING HUH???......

No. 1 - You can find me near the RL Sascha

No. 2 - You can find me where Twilight is the best summer moment

No. 3 - You can find me at the boobies of the Luna eclipse

No. 4 - You can find me where the inhabitant of the City of Love is located (otherwise known as the capital city of France)

No. 5 - When you find me, oh what a Joyous moment!

No. 6 - When you find me, you can drink some summer Elixer

* Additional Tease Lavender skirts can be found in hunt items No. 7, 8, 9 and 10

* SAS - Tease Lavender -->   Baroque, Sleek, Grande and Fluffer Flexi Skirts

No. 7 - You can find me on the sign of what every Dutch child learns to ride at age 2-3!  ;-)

No. 8 - I am such a Clever Girl

No. 9 - I am one of the many Audrie stars

No. 10 - You can find me adorned to the Ruler of the Sea (otherwise known as Poseidon)

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  1. YAY thanks Vicky! You did a better job than me with this hunt description! ;-)