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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sascha`s Design`s, "Noa no1 Hud dress" .

Have you ever shopped at the amazing Sascha`s Designs? No? Then why not? ...You are missing out on one of the top dress designers in second life. She won the best  Womens apparel in the Avi choice awards , for 2 years running in 2012 and 2013....that has to mean something right? 

 I have been given the honor of blogging for Sascha, and I am extremely pleased to present to you the amazing, Mesh dresses known as  " Noa", But ladies this is`nt just one dress, oh no, you have a mix of 6 textures, thus making it six dresses in one as it comes with a texture change hud....Incredible is`nt it?   My favorite is the orange floral design, it just shouts summer with its vibrant colors and gorgeous flower detailing. These are a must have for any wardrobe especially at an amazing price of just 249ls,! You`ll be stepping out in style in this number!


Sascha`s Designs "Noa no1 hud set"
Hair is by  TRUTH-  Winona with roots
Shoes are by GLOW DESIGNS- Crystal Stilletto 
Jewelry by SON!A Artisan black and white

Shoes available at Cosmopolitan sales room!

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