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Sunday, 13 March 2011


Today was a great class, it was all runway work and we loved it:). Yesss the LAG monster joined us, but we just ignored him and got on with the task in hand. Bella, Chelsee, Aislin, Sexy, Uneeque, Nikkie and myself stayed behind and practised, practised . practised....I actually think we have a great team and we so help each other achieve the standards set by CWS. We all voiced so you get to know the person better, it was really great for morale and Debbiedoo thinks we all doing great. All I can say is, its all so down to the hard work of the trainers at CWS, they push us and give some really great advice and consturctive criticism as well as the dedication and the hunger to just get better from the girls.  If a girl is struggling we all pull together and help, TEAM WORK is key. Well thats all folks, keep dropping by to see how we getting on, hugs to all the other students, you`re all comes the smoooocherooooskie....muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! xo

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