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Monday, 21 March 2011

Saturday`s Fashion Show at CWS. House of Europe.

House Of Europe Fashion Show was on the beach runway, and I love how its so fast and furious, two girls come out and  strut there stuff, and POW the next two are out, BAM and the next, it was one awesome show, and was great to watch as a student. The lag was pretty horrendous too, but we saw how the PRO`s coped with it, and I hopefully took something away from it. I was one of the dancers that was asked to be in the video for CWS magazine, I was wearing a long elegant Gold gown, with a long train, OMG it was to die for, I totally adore the dancing, such great fun, Unee and Cly were also picked, so it was nice to dance with my fellow students. OMG its all going so fast, and next week are MID TERMS, bring it on..... I am looking forward to the challenges we are to face  and will work at them with the drive, comittment and passion that I so readily possess.  So enjoy the slide show and hope it gives you some insight into the shows here at CWS. Hugs to everyone and a smoochie for you all....muaaah xoxox Turn on the music and enjoy the fashions of House Of Europe.

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