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Friday, 4 March 2011


Well bloggers, I thought I would just add a little bit of text here and let you know how many first class at CWS went.  It was a lovely class, all the girls seem really lovely and the trainers are all so helpful. We met Steve and Anrol and we were given a talk about CWS and what it takes to become a model in SL.  I learned so much just after one class and i`m very grateful to the hard work and patience of everyone.   After our little talk, it was over to the runway, we all had to wear bikinis and our shapes and Skins were assessed.  A few minor adjustments and we were all good to go:). Class 2 today, so I will probably blog tomorrow, do keep coming back as I keep you up to date. Ohhhh and by the way I came second in the styling class yesterday, I was so very pleased as this was only my second styling event, looking forward to many more, I simply adore the challenge of finding something to wear. Well lovelies, thats all from me and will be back tomorrow....hugz to everyone and a huge muahhh!

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