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Saturday, 26 March 2011


OMG I cannot believe a whole month has gone by, its been one hell of an experience, I have learned so many little tips and tricks its amazing.  Laylah did a review of Inventory and ARC (the dreaded ARC, I`m becoming a total ARC maniac, looking around SL at the reading of some people and I`m like, to my self of course, you`re ARC is wayyyy too high) Am i sad or what? Laughs! We were shown the Graduation Sequence and had a quick run through, tomorrow (SUNDAY) is our MIDS and also we are dancing at the Mardis Gras pageant, so come along and support us, its going to be FUN FUN FUN! Tonight we were graded for Mid terms on Styling, it was aso BEAT THE PRO, and 3 students came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, does that tell you how well we did at the University?  WOW, look for the next blog and you`ll see the three winners in my slide show. Well UCWS, i`m going to so miss being a part of class, I have a thirst for knowledge, and I have taken so much away from this experience, girls if you are in a dilemma on should I should`nt I?, my advice is ...go for it! But be warned, its no walk in the park, you have to work to achieve your goals and potential, nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. Make sure you can commit, try not to miss a class, I can proudly say I have`nt missed a single one, BUT, remember RL first, just try to plan around it for ONE month, then once you graduate, things will get easier.  I hope this helps, and look forward to seeing you on the runway, CWS SIMPLY THE BEST!

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