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Thursday, 10 March 2011



Thank you Diana Balhaus for Judging Todays Event.

Winner:Nickle sparrowtree
2nd:Vicky Yoshikawa
3rd:SD Damiano

Winner:Helo every one, Anrol and Steve , CWS family and friends our judge for this evening  plus our audience, I am Ms Nickle Sparrowtree,  you can call me Ms, Sparrowtree. I am ceo of a fortume 500 company., Money is time and my time cost, so lets get down to business.  My assistant Ms DarkandLovely will draw up any paperwork. Leave your name , number and what company you are from. she wil be glad to assist you.

Ms DarkandLovely did you get MrPiper on line 1 for me yet?

First off I just want to let you know that because I am a woman does not mean , I can't hang with the boys battle with the sharks , and still come out like a lady. They don't call me ruthless Sparrow for nothing.I know how to give it, take and give back two fold. I am no push over, respect always gets respect, its a cold cruel business and if your not tough you wil sink.

Ms DarkandLovely did you write up that report that I requested last night?

My order of buiness today is my attire, I am wearing a simple maroon skirt, matched up with a striped red blouse, to make my attire more buisness like I added a moroon suit jacket, It is very comfortable for those long hours of business meetings , and just to make it not so blah I added a silk shawl to help bring it to life. I am wearing a pair of comfortable black pumps.they are like walking on air, and to make myself stand apart from the guys I am wearing a gold and platinum jewelry set earrings and necklace, and of corse my trusty glasses for when I have to sign any thing, especially pay checks. That does conclude our business for today ladies and gentlemen , any thing else you wish to commumicate send it through my secretary. Ms DarkandLovely.

Shawl by Zaara
red striped blouse by Reico Rose
skirt by  Pink pearl designs
suit jacket by G&T creations
black pumps by adam & eve
jewelry by Milady's Jewelry
Sheer red stockings by Vextra Fashion
Hair by action
nails by  Mandala Takara

Thank you Anrol , Steve, our honored Judge for tonight, cws family and the audience , that concludes my business for this evening. be safe and be wise.

That wil be all  Ms DarkandLovely , your such a help beyond measure, you wil go far with that atitude. to bad I had to fire that other no good assistant plain lazy

2nd:Good evening everyone, good evening Judge and ty for coming to our Creative Business Person styling event. My name is Vicky Yoshikawa-Yongbo I am a  student at the CWS university and boy do I love what i`m being taught!:)

"Ohhhhhh I feel spots of rain", "dang"!!!!!! the "good old British Weather strikes upon us again" good job I got my BROLLY!

"Ahhhhhh thats better!", keep me nice and dry, don`t want to ruin my new hat and hair style!

It`s always nice to dress up in a business style, running my own business here in SL, I like to look smart and appealing on the eye to any  new clients.  In my opinion first Impressions are what count, the first thing a client see`s is your avi and clothing, so my advice is to dress smart, but casual. Give the right impression and you are half way there.

So with that said, I hope this look appeals to the judge this evening, I have chosen a a very vibrant smart Red Trench style coat, with button detail and lapels on the shoulders, married up with Black bootleg well pressed trousers, and black shoes. Its a very smart look that oozes sophistication. The trilby and hair add to the sophistication, giving me a full business look for a hard day at the office. The laptop bag and nerdy glasses again finish of the style. I`m all set for a hard days business. Simple stud earrings and a confident look on the runway , make me a contender for "business woman of the year".


Thank you to everyone at CWS, the CEO`s and trainers are "simply the best". Thanks to the great audience and enjoy the show:). Diana, thank you, you most certainly have a difficult task on your hands....smiles.

3rd:Good evening ladies and Gents,

My name is SD Damiano and i am a proud model of CWS, welcome to tonight's  styling theme Bussiness Person theme.

I have lunch  meeting in the City, the weather is warm light wind and the sun is beaming, I think i will wear my  new summer Beige suit.

When i walk wearing this attire in the busy city centre of UK, people can see a career woman, but not just that, one with style. My highwaiste pants are not only trendy they show style and the long length of my sexy legs. Being a Sunny day today i have decided to leave my jacket in the office..  I have matched this suit with sexy heels, lets hope i find a good parking spot,  parking is mad in the city centre so hope I dont have to be  walking alot . To complete the outfit i ahve decided to wear some nice casual Jewllery.   Taking this Attire away from the usual lady business suits I have put togtehr a mix and match, creating fashion statement with a  business woman attire. right few things to check off before i leave
Laptop: check
Headpeice: check
Right i think im ready to got tackle the world of Business.

Outfit: DN Business woman suit
Skin: belizza
nails: sexy mama.
Shoes: BM pumps,
Hair: VA.
Laptop: UW Laptop bag
Mobile: Iphone Ao
Headpeice: SMOG Bluetooth
glasses: LOL Nerdy
jewllery; league Jewllery set.

Thank you to all the Staff at CWS for giving us this chance to show off our creative styling. Thank you to the judge always a hard job. My fellow contestants who always make it hard to compete looking so great. Last but not least the audience for coming to support  us.

SD xx
Can you believe I came second again, the 2nd week in a row, the competition is so fierce, it gets harder each week, I would so not liked to have judged the event tonight, poor Diana had a hard job, bless her. Anyway its a good night from me and I will blog about tonights class tomorrow, i`m so tired its half past midnight and i need some shut here`s the smooooocherooooskie...muaaaaah xoxox

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