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Friday, 25 March 2011

CWS Wednesday 23rd March class.

=====Third Semester=====
REMINDER:  2 classes today
=Wednesday   March 23rd , 2011
Time: 8:00 am/slt by  DebbieDoo Tigerfish
Time:  3:00 pm/slt By  Lisana Rossen
➤Tell your students to wear less than 250 ARC
➤Bring them to the Class beach stage to do the beach
➤Do practice them to do styling and tell them they will attend the midterm for Friday at 5:00 pm on Styling for that day. Creative Tattoo. It is mandatory for them to show up for this day.
➤Midterm for them on Styling and they must attend and get ready for Friday Styling.

Mid terms are fast approaching, and are we ready?, I`d say HELL YES!  It was another ARC challenge, this time 250 for casual look, again I was prepapred, I`d done this 2 weeks ago as I knew we had this challenge coming up. We then went to the beach and practised with Debbiedoo, she gave us lots of helpful little tips on how to be prepared with our outfits ready for a fast change, how well it works, I tried it a few times after class and i`m changed within seconds, so ty Deb for`re a sweetheart.

She informed us about the Mid terms Styling event, we have to do a Leather theme, thats a challenge, not much leather in my inventory, but i`m pretty confident with the look I have achieved, I was more creative, mixing and matching a few designers outfits and coming up with my own. So thats all for now folks, My next blog will be a little sad, it is our last class with Debbie, she is one total inspiration to me and feel she has brought me on the most in the classes, I owe her a massive THANK YOU, even though she`s a southerner, laughs (just kidding) she is an absolute treasure:). Hugs and a smoooocherooooskie. xoxoxoxoxox

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