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Friday, 25 March 2011

CWS CLASS Thursday 24th March

=====Third Semester=====
Your almost graduating so Please Attention
REMINDER:  2 classes today
=Thursday  March 24th
Time: 8:00 am/slt by Debbie Tigerfish
Time:  3:00 pm/slt By  Lisana Rosen
➤ Practice them to do the Dome Formation . Tell them to wear Mini Skirt  for this and they will all have to practice and perfected the formation.  Get them ready for styling tonight at 5pm. Creative Tattoo
➤Practice them the styling formation to get ready for midterm tomorrow night
➤ Do not let them go until they get this formation to their head
Remind all students to be at the styling contest tomorrow.  Part of their midterm

I showed up in my mini all prepared, we had a little chat in class then over to the DOME for more practise, it went very well,we did the BIO, to finish off, and Debbie was awesome as usual.  We asked todo another run through of the BEACH to make sure we were ready, OMG we have done amazingly well, girls the practise pays off, i`m glad I was the one asking people to come practise all the time, I hope I have contributed and helped in some way. 

This has been one awesome TEAM to work with, and i add TEAM is the correct word, if you do not join together, then its very very difficult, I made sure we all conneected from the start, after all it is for eveyones Benefit, not just my own.  We have something special planned for Mids on the Formals theme, something I worked on and helped the girls with.

 You know, what the hell am I going to do for the next months?? OMG this month has been so full on, i`ll be bored silly, I need another challenge. lolol. Well lovelies, only one more blog as a Student , then I`ll blog MIDTERMS, and the FINALS, and thats me done.  But do keep checking in, I intend to keep blogging for CWS on the big events and adding in my ever so popular slide shows(with music of course) heheheh. So smooooocheroooskie, a real tight tight hug and a wave bye by for now.xoxoxox

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