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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Sorry  I have not blogged for a few days folks, been rather busy with my SL business, but here goes, Saturday was practise with Debbie in the dome and Sunday we were in the classroom with Vero, she was teaching us Camera controls and gave us lots of notes and settings to try on our PC. We had homework to do, which is to write our Short Bio`s:). And apart from that all I have done is practise whenever I can and helped some of the girls that were struggling with their huddles poses.  Monday we got the day off, so I practised some more. This week has been perfecting our formations mainly, things are going pretty well and i`m enjoying what I`m doing, midterms are fast approaching and I feel i`m ready to face the challenges set.  If you are thinking of a modeling career in SL, I say go for it, I can honestly say I adore what I am doing. If you cannot listen or are afraid of hard work, then give it a miss. Check back tomorrow for my Styling event slide show, its a ST PATRICKS DAY EXTRAVAGANZA. Huggies and a smooocherooooskie. Love you all.

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