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Friday, 25 March 2011

Tuesday 22nd March Class

=====Third Semester=====
REMINDER:  2 classes today
=Tuesday  March 22nd, 2011
Time: 8:00 am/slt by  DebbieDoo Tigerfish
Time:  3:00 pm/slt By  Lisana Rossen
➤Tell your students to wear less than 700 ARC and wear elegance clothes.
➤Bring them to the dome stage to do the  formation
➤Make sure they are wearing jewelries and nice gown for this, that way they will learn how to wear low arc
➤Do not let them go until they get good on this.

Today was the ARC challenge of 700 Elegance, I was very well prepared for this, a few of us girls had got together earlier in the week and made sure we hit the  ARC target. After reaching the ARC we then proceeded to the DOME runway and had a great practise with lisana, I asked a few questions as usual, I like to make sure I know what I`m doing, no less than perfect is good enough for me...hehehehe. Seems every lesson I come away learning a little something, how great is that, and what does this tell you? I know, CWS really do have their acts together, and their knowledge knows no bounds. Well, peeps thats all from me, see you soon, huggggs and Muaaaaahs xoxoxox

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