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Monday, 28 March 2011


Today was MIDS, no results as of yet, but everything seems to go well. We had a few tech issues and lag, but we overcame it. I was keeping MORALE high, boosting the girls confidence, if they made a mistake, get over it, move on its over with, get on with the next task. Show goes on ALWAYS! We all had matching gowns for the Elegance section, we looked fantastic, the ARC challenge on the Bikini I found hardest, BUT, nothing I could not handle. I am so going to miss this class, but hope we all keep in touch. You really are a great set of girls, and the team work and practise has most certainly payed off. Pat yourselves on the bacls ladies, you deserve it. It was an intense day, one hour after Mids we had the DANCE for the Mardi Gras Pageant, OMG we so rocked and the pageants were awesome, Well done to Pink, she won, and a worthy winner in my opinion. Everyones a winner, and its not just about winning, its the challenges and taking part, if you win, OK it`s a bonus,just enjoy! Coming in my next post is a slide show of all the March class, I dare you not to cry!:) Make sure to turn on sound and send me your comments i`d love some feedback. Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo

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