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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

CWS, Sunday 20th March Training session.

=====Second Semester=====
 REMINDER STUDENTS:  You have a class today make sure to attend the schedule below either in the morning or afternoon.
REMINDER:  2 classes today
=Sunday March 20th, 2011
Time: 11:00 am/slt by VeronicaLynn Parx
Time:  6:00 pm/slt By VeronicaLynn Parx
➤You will teach them the Finale formation as if they are competing in our finale.
➤Review each students homework from last week
➤Check all students bio homework
➤How to be creative on our finale
➤You will teach each Students the basic Photography
Also class will cover what is required for photo shoots and how to get the most out of it.

=Tell them to take a picture using the techniques using basic photography and Make sure their bio will be ready next week for you to review.
Sundays class was mainly aimed at confidence on the runway and also poses, what is a good pose and what is`nt. Vero showed us poses to avoid etc, it was mainly class room work and note taking, Vero is knowledge astounds me and her advice is always good, ty Vero, I took a lot away from toadays class.  Next it was off to Finale runway, Vero showed us the runway sequence, we asked a few questions etc and then class was dismissed. Overall a great class, they girls are excited about Mid terms, and i`m happy to say we been working hard and are a great TEAM. So thats about all from me, hope to see you on the runway at CWS sometime, and if you are unsure ask some of the students. Hugs to all and a big smoooooch! Muuuuuuaaaahhhh!xoxoxo

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