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Saturday, 26 March 2011


Was the anticipation just too much? hehehehe! Congratz to the winners, you all rock, love you all, Muaaahs to everyone and see you on the runway some time!:)

Thnank you Laylah Lecker For Judging our Styling Leather

1st- Vicky Yongbo
2nd- Aislin Jinx
3rd- Uneeque Velinov

Winner: Vicky Yoshikawa (vicky.yongbo): Good evening CWS Trainers and CEO`s, the wonderful judge, first of all I would like to give a little tribute to each of the trainers, as we are being graded for our Mid terms, which take place tomorrow:). Today was our last class, so wanted to say a few thank you`s:)

Laylah, an absolute sweety and such a jovial young lady, you have been patient and helped us all immensely with the blogs, this I thank you very much for, blogging has become so much more enjoyable.

Vero. your knowledge totally and utterly astounds me, everything you ever taught us was precise and so easy to follow, every lesson I came away learning something, that in itself is awesome, ty Vero.

Lisana, patient and lovely, and man does she know the poses and walks, thanks for always answering my questions lisana, I know I can be a pain, but I just wanted to get it right:).

Taby, I have not had the pleasure of getting to know you yet, but I am sure in the months to come I will.

Now last but by no means least, Debbie, if this was RL and I was giving a speech, I would be choked up and fighting back the tears. Debbie was the very first person I spoke to about becoming a model, some two months ago, and I could not commit at the time, but stayed in contact with Debbie until I could. When I take on a task I like to see it through to the end and put it no less than 100% to all I do. Debbie has been a total inspiration to me, she is an absolute joy to know, a breath of fresh air.

To you my friend I give the biggest thank you of all. Your patience and kindness touched my heart Debbie, you only have one down side, thats being a Southerner (bless you). Joking of course, I am sure I have a friend in you for all my SL life, and want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to "ROCK THE RUNWAY".

Hugs and love to you all and don`t anyone of you, ever change.

Anrol and Steve, you have created such a wonderful place here in SL and should be proud of all of your hard work and efforts, I see nothing but total respect for you people here at CWS, and look forward to becoming the best model I can be and who knows maybe one day something more:) Thank you for all the time and effort you put into each and every student, hugs and I wish you many more years of success.

OK and now with that out of the way, i`ll compose myself and get on with the task in hand.....

Leather theme for me was a challenge, I rummaged my inventory and could not find anything suitable as a full outfit, So this evening I have mixed and matched various designers clothing, to come up with a more Unique look.

I wanted the biker image, so chose the open style leather bomber with bra top, the jacket has so much detailing with the zips and buckles, the arms could be removed for an open Gillet style jacket, fo a different look.
I chose to add Tattoos for a real biker babe feel.
Bandana and long curly hair compliment the look. Leather jeans with skull and cross bones accents, a pink studded belt to match the jacket, left open for a rugged look.
To finish off Leather buckled boots, with heel, studded detailing to match and compliment the belt.
This is a real Biker look and all i`m missing is my motorcycle, trust me if i could rezz here I would ride off into the sunset with my Easy Rider. Of course I would come back for the fashion shows and to graduate hehehehe.


HAIR-Beautiful Dirty Rich, black

TATTOOS- sparkling stars from Wicked Tattoos

JACKET - Dela, Bebe tearose

EYES By Starla Farella

MAKE UP- Jade Lips , rose petal

BRA- UK couture



EARINGS- Simple looped by Jenni Eros.

Again thank you to everyone for helping me achieve my dream. Lastly special thanks to the wonderful friendships I have formed with my fellow students, I am humbled to know every one of you, and although we have graduated(hopefully) lets always be there for each other, as we have done, this past month, I love you all...Muaaaahhhs.xo

2nd: Jinx (aislin.jinx): Good evening, everyone, and thank you for coming to tonight's styling event. Creative leather...hmmm...I don't know about creative, but I sure can rock the leather!
Styling Credits-

Pants and corset- A&C Designs
Belt- Legal Insanity
Shoes- SLink
Hair- Truth Joey
Bracelets- Punk Kitty
Necklace- Femke Wilder
Earrings- Beauty Code
Facial Jewelry- Cringe
Skin- YS&YS Barbara Summer
Facial Tattoo- Deviance Clawed

Thank you, everyone, for coming tonight. Thank you to Anrol and Steve for giving us a place to strut our stuff. Thank you to the Judge, who has the worst end of the stick here. Thank you to SD Damiano for fufilling a SL dream. Thanks to my friends! And good luck to my gellow students. We are gonna rock it this weekend!!

<3 Jinxie
By day, I am pretty conservative: sometimes going edgy, but usually I stay pretty straight-laced. But at night I get my rock on! Out comes my leather corset top that hugs my curves in all the right places. The buckles on my stomach let me tighten and loosen depending on how hard I want to dance. My black leather pants are laced right up the front and back in a sexy and provacative way so you've got hot coming and going! Check out my studded leather earrings! I know right! And for that pop of color...come on you knew there would be color, I am a model, for Pete's sake. I am wearing my pink and purple triple DJ Belt. For whenever I feel like raiding the DJ booth! Topping off the outfit are my pretty peep toe stilletos. I have to have a bit of femininity about me. Rock on!

3rd: Uneeque Velinov: hello All my class mates,
all my instructers
judges, most of all Steve 101, Anrol, they have given me the chance to have came this far
thank you all so much
as you know i am Uneeque Velinov
proud to stand here in front of all of you, i am truely honored

i am wearing:: Vamps and Tramps -Gothic Cross Set

Hair--[Uw.7R] NiKi-hair
eyes--[ENDEAVOR] Shiny eyes 3 Frosty Blue
skin-- Belleza - Jesse Sunkiss 4 -2
shape-- Uneeque-- My Own

Please if you need a wedding gown --Uneeque's Wedding Gown is in all
the CWS Fashion Mall... check it out there are 3 to choose from
thank you Uneeque, have a wonderful day

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